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Ni Xuelin stared at the locket and noticed a name was carved onto the back. Ye Yao.

Yet, the name was strange to her, and she had no memory of it.

Xu Xiyan patted Ni Xuelin on her shoulder and said, “Maybe you can find your real family with this.”

Ni Xuelin was taken aback. She knew she was an orphan from the start and had never thought of looking for her real parents. One thing was that she had no memories of her past.

And the other was that she thought her parents had abandoned her and there was no reason to go back to them.

“You’re an adult now, Linlin,” Ni Jianghe said. “You should go and look for them if you want to.”

“But they’ve abandoned me! Why should I go look for them?” Ni Xuelin sobbed as she shook her head.

“No! They never abandoned you!” Ye Xun suddenly said, and everyone turned to look at him, surprised that tears were already rolling down his cheeks.

“What’s wrong?” Xu Xiyan asked.

Ye Xun raised his head and explained, “I’ve never told anyone this, but I have a sister that I lost 20 years ago, and her name is Ye Yao…”

After he finished explaining, he covered his eyes with his hand.

He’d finally found his long lost sister.

She was still alive and standing in front of him.

“…” Everyone was stunned when they learned that Ye Xun was Ni Xuelin’s real brother.

Ni Xuelin never had any hope that she could find any of her family. It was hard for her when she learned that the man standing in front of her was her real brother.

Yet relations by blood were not something that could be forgotten with memory loss. It was a part of a human’s soul that could wake up whenever it was called upon.

“Yaoyao…” Ye Xun called out Ni Xuelin’s real name. “You were only three when I lost you…”

Ye Xun continued by explaining everything.

Because of the war in the past, Ye Xun’s house was destroyed by cannons, and he was separated from his sister. From that day onwards, he never stopped looking for her.

While on the other hand, Ni Xuelin survived the explosion and was sold to Zstan until Ni Jianghe found her.

To Ye Xun and his family, Ni Jianghe was their savior.

Tears began to roll down Ni Xuelin’s cheeks too after listening to Ye Xun’s story.

Her parents had never abandoned her, they were both killed in the war. And yet she had misunderstood them for all those years.

With everything explained, there was no way Ni Xuelin could deny the truth anymore and said, “Brother…”

“Yaoyao…” Ye Xun had been waiting to hear his sister calling him brother again for the past 20 years.

They hugged each other and cried.

Even Xu Xiyan cried with them too.

If she did not go to the hospital that day, she would’ve never learned that Ye Xun had such pain deep down his heart.

Luckily God never abandoned them, and they were finally reunited.

The siblings had many things to catch up on, and Xu Xiyan left to the studio.

She met Yang Wenxue at the studio and gave her

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