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Chapter 915: Becoming Unreliable

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Xu Xiyan lifted her skirt with one hand and covered her chest with the other as she got out of the car.

She raised her head to look at the enormous mansion, and her heart skipped a beat.

She tried to calm herself down and made sure that she looked normal.

Xu Xiyan appreciated the design of the mansion as she walked through it. Even though she had no idea what the mansion looked like in daylight, during the night, it looked like she was wandering in the starry sky.

There were a lot of expensive sports cars stopping in the parking lot and a lot of well-dressed people walking towards the Star Viewing Tower.

The president, Helian Wei, was sitting in the tower with his wife, Yun Xuerou.

As most of his guests have arrived, he asked his men to go and look for his son.

“Go and ask when is Qingyu coming? Tell him that this is a dinner he must attend!”

“Yes, sir!”

Yun Xuerou scanned through all the young maidens that were present. Most of them were daughters of politicians and millionaires.

The real intention of the dinner party that night was to look for a suitable partner for Helian QIngyu.

Yun Xuerou wanted to help her son choose a maiden of virtue and beauty as her daughter-in-law.

Yun Xuerou also heard from her husband that he’d also invited a maiden who was not only gorgeous but also kind in heart. She was the girl who had saved his life on the plane.

Yet, the girl was still nowhere to be seen.

“Helian, when is the girl you invited going to arrive?” Yun Xuerou asked.


Helian Wei also wasn’t sure if Le Xiu managed to invite Xu Xiyan or not. It seemed to him that Le Xiu was becoming unreliable in getting stuff done.

Just as Helian Wei finished his words, Le Xiu came with the person he’d invited and reported, “Sir, I’ve brought the person you requested.”

“Good. Where is she?”

Le Xiu looked at the door, and Helian Wei followed his gaze. Before long, a girl with a perfect body walked into the hall under the moonlight.

She wore a long white dress, and she looked like she was shining under the moonlight.

She had perfect facial features and a pair of beautiful eyes as if they were the stars in the sky.

If people believed that angels did exist, then Xu Xiyan would be the reincarnation of an angel.

A beautiful and pure maiden with the power to cleanse one’s heart.

The noisy crowd quieted down as soon as they saw Xu Xiyan.

Everyone had their attention on her.

They only had one question in their head:

Who is that girl?

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