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Chapter 881: Nothing Better Than That

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Xu Xiyan took the script excitedly and briefly read it.

“This is great! I knew you had the talent in doing this!” Xu Xiyan praised.

“I still have many things to learn,” Fang Xiaocheng said. “It’s all thanks to you that I get to have this chance.”

At first, giving Fang Xiaocheng the opportunity to edit the script was only a way to help her get out from her sadness.

But after reading the script, Xu Xiyan felt that it was already good enough to turn into a movie.

“I think you should just join our studio and become our scriptwriter,” Xu Xiyan suggested.

“Really? Thank you! With this, I can make some money to feed the child!”

“Wait, isn’t it about time to get your prenatal care?”

“Yup, tomorrow marks the fourth month.”

“All right, I’ll ask Yi Xiao to go with you,” Xu Xiyan said.

“It’s fine. I can go by myself. I don’t really need someone to accompany me. Look, I can move as swift as a bird now.”

But in truth, Fang Xiaocheng wanted to keep her distance from Yi Xiao as much as possible. She was already causing him enough trouble by living with him.

She had been telling herself that she had to live on, even without Dazhi by her side.

“As swift as a bird? More like a skeleton walking,” Xu Xiyan joked. “You should gain more weight!”

Because of Dazhi’s sudden departure, Fang Xiaocheng had lost more than 15 kilograms.

“I’ll try my best to eat more.”

Fang Xiaocheng had begun to take supplements for the baby in her belly.

“But time sure flies. We’ll be able to see your baby in a few more months!”

Xu Xiyan could not wait to see the baby.

It was as if babies were angels sent by God to treat people’s sadness.

Fang Xiaocheng returned after they finished talking and Xu Xiyan continued to go through the script.

She called Lu Zeyan and said, “Hey, did you get any good stories after our first movie?”

“Not really,” Lu Zeyan replied.

“Great. I got a script in my hands now, I’ll get it to you as soon as I can. If you think it’s good, then we’ll begin with the new film.”

“Okay! Anything you say, boss.”

Lu Zeyan was excited, as he was eager to continue to utilize his gifts in directing.

Huo Yunshen was standing outside Xu Xiyan’s room with Ying Bao.

“Mummy is sick right now, and she needs to rest,” Huo Yunshen told Ying Bao. “Keep your voice down when we go in, okay?”

“Okay! I’ll be soft.”

Ying Bao crouched down to the floor and tip-toed into Xu Xiyan’s room.

When they went in, Huo Yunshen noticed that Xu Xiyan had fallen asleep with a pile of papers in her hand.

Huo Yunshen pulled the papers out from her hand and adjusted her pillow for her.

The father and daughter sat on the couch, waiting for Xu Xiyan to wake. Ying Bao drew on her drawing book while Huo Yunshen read the papers that Xu Xiyan had.

It was a script for a film.

The title was

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