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Chapter 923: A Chance

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Helian Qingyu had already made out who the girl was. She was one of the most famed celebrities in Estan, Lan Ling’er.

“Lan Ling’er!” Helian Qingyu shouted her name as he helped her up.

“The General still remembers me?”

“Of course I do, you’re the prettiest girl in all of Estan.”

“Thank you for your compliments.”

Since Helian Qingyu was pressured into having a dance, he would rather do it with someone he already knew.

“I’ve heard that Miss Lan is very good at dancing, may I have a dance with you?” Helian Qingyu asked as he extended his arm.

“It would be my pleasure,” Lan Ling’er said as she rested her hand on his palm and they walked towards the dancefloor.

What no one had noticed was that when Lan Ling’er turned to head towards the dancefloor, she showed a brief cunning smile on her face.

It was all her plan. She intentionally tripped herself to get close to Helian Qingyu and get the chance to dance with him.

Lan Ling’er would resort to any means necessary to get her hands on the man she wanted.

She came prepared to get Helian Qingyu’s attention throughout the party.

Huo Yunshen was dancing with Xu Xiyan when Helian Qingyu and Lan Ling’er joined them.

The crowd was attracted by the two couples dancing on the dancefloor.

Most of the maidens were staring at them enviously, wishing that they could pull the two girls away and dance with the men themselves.

As they left the dancefloor after finishing the dance, the servants greeted them with champagne, and each of them got themselves a glass.

“Why don’t we get a breath of air at the garden?” Helian Qingyu suggested.

“Good idea,” Huo Yunshen agreed, and they left the hall with their partners.

The garden at the President’s mansion was elegant and romantic.

The men walked together in the front, talking to each other while the girls followed behind them.

“Did you come to Estan just for this party? How did you know the President’s family?” Lan Ling’er asked in a low voice so the men in front of them could not hear her.

“It’s none of your business,” Xu Xiyan scolded back, thinking that they had nothing to talk about.

Lan Ling’er did not expect Xu Xiyan to scold her and was angered by it, but she could not do anything about it.

Xu Xiyan had no intention of talking with Lan Ling’er and took two steps faster than her. She locked her arm with Huo Yunshen’s and walked side by side with him.

Lan Ling’er was left behind, but she could not lock her arm with Helian Qingyu’s like Xu Xiyan did with her partner. Being able to dance with him was already a miracle.

She was ditched as soon as the dance ended, but she followed Helian Qingyu anyway.

They stopped at a pavilion beside the lake, and Helian Qingyu proposed a toast to Huo Yunshen and Xu Xiyan.

Just as Xu Xiyan was about to drink her champagne, Huo Yunshen snatched it over and d

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