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Chapter 931: They’ve Been Made

Their car had just left, and a car tailed them from behind.

“Follow that car! Don’t lose them,” Lan Ling’er ordered her driver.

She waited at the entrance for more than an hour just to learn more about the girl Helian Yuqing was eating with.

She followed them into the city and left the car when Xu Xiyan and Li Ruochu stopped at a place to continue to follow them.

Lan Ling’er had also contacted some of her people to stand by.

She thought that there was no way she could not take care of Xu Xiyan when they were in Estan.

They were at Estan’s busiest street, Dongrong Street.

Li Ruochu asked Helian Qingyu’s guards to wait for them in the car because she wanted to shop with Xu Xiyan.

They walked along the street while Xu Xiyan grabbed a few souvenirs.

Just as they were looking at masks at a stall, Xu Xiyan noticed a few men were surrounding them from behind Li Ruochu.

Xu Xiyan knew something was off, and she grabbed Li Ruochu and ran.

“Run!” Xu Xiyan shouted

Her speculation was correct; as soon as they ran, the men chased after them.

“Jing Xi, what…”

Xu Xiyan had no time to explain, the only thing that they could do was run as fast as they could..

But running was not a good choice. Xu Xiyan had exerted herself too much the night before and was exhausted.

Yet the best option she had was to hide from the people who were after them.

They turned into a small alley and arrived at a dead-end.

Xu Xiyan noticed a clothing shop and pulled Li Ruochu into it.

Almost seven or eight men caught up in the alley and noticed the girls were gone.

“They must be around here! Look for them!” a man with a scar on his face who appeared to be their leader shouted.

The people began to go through the stores along the alley. Even though they had no right to do so, they forced their way through every shop they entered.

Anyone who did not cooperate with them was beaten.

“Did two girls enter your shop just now?” the man with the scar asked the owner of the clothing shop.

“No, no,” the owner replied.

“Search this place,” the leader ordered.

Xu Xiyan and Li Ruochu had already changed their clothes and escaped as if they were normal customers

The people did not find them, but one of the men noticed the clothes they’d left behind in the changing room.

“Boss! They’ve changed their clothes!”

The leader realized that the two people that had just left were the girls that he was after.

“Go after them!”

They rushed out of the shop and noticed two people running away from the alley.

“Over there!”

Xu Xiyan had already called Huo Yunshen when they were changing their clothes. All she could do now was to hope that he could get there in time.

They’d already been made, and the people would never let them go if they were caught.

People gathered once again at the shooting range.

Helian Qingyu focused all of his atte

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