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The odds were now against Xu Xiyan. If she wanted to prove her innocence, there had to be surveillance camera recordings or eyewitnesses.

However, in the aircraft cabin, there were no surveillance cameras in order to protect the privacy of the guests.

Those around her were asked, but they all had been asleep at the time. Nobody had seen what had happened.

This meant that Xu Xiyan had no way of proving her innocence.

Lan Ling-Er said triumphantly, “You little thief, just wait and see. I’m going to call the police after getting off the plane. I’m going to let everyone in the entertainment circle of Zstan see what kind of person you are!”

Sha Labi chimed in, “Even our police in Estan will not let her go. A thief should be sent directly to prison.”

The two echoed each other, obviously making Xu Xiyan the key suspect.

Huang Guoqiang and the other members of the film crew were also trying to testify for Xu Xiyan. They requested the airline to find a way to clarify and explain the matter.

Just when the two women were being very hardheaded on accusing Xu Xiyan, a childish voice interjected, “I know who stole the bracelet!”

Everyone was attracted by the childish voice. When they turned to look, they saw a cute little boy.

He was sitting in his seat, wrapped in a blanket. He looked as though he had just woken up, his little hand still rubbing at his eyes.

Xu Xiyan knew this little boy; he sat in the same row as hers, separated by an aisle. When she first got on the plane, she had even waved and greeted him!

Everyone knew that children would not easily lie. A flight attendant hurried over and asked, “Little One, can you tell us who stole the bracelet?”

The little boy was now completely awake. He raised his chin and looked around, then pointed at Sha Labi with a finger. “It was that auntie!”

Sha Labi, who had been standing at her seat to watch the drama, did not expect the little boy to point her out. Feeling a bit flustered, she said, “Don’t talk nonsense, kid! It was us who lost the bracelet!”

“Everything I’ve said is true. I saw that auntie with my own eyes. When everyone was asleep, she snuck by to put the bracelet in the beautiful big sister’s bag, and then snuck away again.”

In order to express the concept of “sneaking,” the little boy used his index finger and middle finger to make a “sneaking” gesture.

It was indeed so. When the adults in the cabin were all asleep, the little boy had not fallen asleep yet and that was how he had inadvertently seen the scene.

After hearing the little boy testify for her, Xu Xiyan’s heart was filled with gratitude.

At this time, Sha Labi was breaking down inside. It was already bad enough the little boy had called her an “auntie” and yet he called Jing Xi a “beautiful big sister.” But instead of feeling annoyed by that, she felt dumbfounded since the little boy was accusing her.

She could only do her best to object. “Impossible! You lie!

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