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“Wait, don’t panic.” Xu Xiyan stopped Wan Dou. “Get back, both of you. Let me take care of the snake.”

Xu Xiyan noticed the hiking cane beside her and used it as a weapon.

She poked the snake with the cane, and the snake noticed Xu Xiyan’s presence. It got up and lunged at Xu Xiyan.

With a swift motion, Xu Xiyan avoided the snake and hit it on its head with the cane.

The snake fell onto the ground, and Xu Xiyan took the chance to pin it down with the cane. She grabbed the end of the snake and lifted it up.

“Looks like we can make a good soup with it,” Xu Xiyan joked.

“Please don’t,” Ni Xuelin said. “But you really are something.”

Wan Dou and Ni Xuelin were scared to death but lucky for them, Xu Xiyan was able to catch the snake.

Xu Xiyan threw the snake into a bucket and covered it up.

“But why is there a snake in our room?” Wan Dou sighed. “How am I supposed to sleep now knowing that snakes might attack us.”

“Isn’t it normal for snakes to crawl into someone’s house in a remote village?” Xu Xiyan asked without giving it too much thought.

One of the women from the village walked past their room when they gathered together and asked them if they weren’t used to sleeping on hard surfaces.

“No, we found a snake in our room,” Wan Rou said.

“What snake? Where is it?” the woman asked.

Wan Dou pointed at the bucket, and the woman opened it. She looked at it and put the lid back on.

“This snake is definitely not from around here,” the woman explained. “The snakes around here aren’t poisonous. It’s my first time seeing that kind of snake as well.”

The three girls looked at each other and realized something was off.

After the woman had left, Ni Xuelin thought of something and said, “So that’s what happened. Do you still remember that I went to the bathroom during dinner? I noticed someone coming out of our room when I was on my way back. I followed the person out of curiosity, and that person went to meet up with Lan Ling’er and her assistant. I did not think much about it back then, but I think they were the ones who set the snake up in our room.”

“So you mean that someone who was working for Lan Ling’er brought the snake with them and left it in our room so that it could attack us?” Wan Dou asked. “Could it be that they are targeting…”

Wan Dou and Ni Xuelin both looked at Xu Xiyan.

Xu Xiyan had also come to the same conclusion. Lan Ling’er was definitely responsible for the incident.

“What should we do now?” Wan Dou asked.

Xu Xiyan was not a person that was soft, and she would fight back. Since they gave her such a huge surprise, she thought that it would be too bad if she did not repay them.

She pulled Wan Dou and Ni Xuelin closer and whispered something to them.

Lan Ling’er was sitting in the next room, removing her makeup, when she heard a scream coming from her neighbors.

“Did you hear that?” Lan Ling’er asked Sha Labi excitedly.

“Yup, what a terr

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