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Chapter 880: Such A Close Brush With Death

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“Lie down, Dear!”

He hurried over and made her lie back down on the bed.

Xu Xiyan grabbed his hand and asked worriedly, “Are you hurt? I’m so worried about you.”


Huo Yunshen shook his head, his eyes emotionless as he said, “It’s not safe here anymore. I’ll transfer you to a hospital back in Peijing this afternoon.”

Thinking of Mo Yutian’s challenge to him, he really felt like turning her into a small bead and hiding her.

“Okay, but before we leave, I want to see Xiaoyu first.”


Before transferring Xu Xiyan to another hospital in the afternoon, Huo Yunshen accompanied her to see Xiaoyu.

The little girl had had a surgery and she was fine now. The couple decided to sponsor the talented and intelligent Xiaoyu until college.

Huo Yunshen arranged a special caretaker to stay and look after Xiaoyu. After Xiaoyu had recovered, the caretaker would take her home.

After settling the child’s matters, they took a helicopter back to Peijing in the afternoon, whereas the rest went back to the city by land.

Due to Xu Xiyan’s body still needing to recuperate, Huo Yunshen directly sent her to Peijing First People’s Hospital and admitted her in the VIP ward.

Fang Xiaocheng learned of Xu Xiyan’s return and came to see her with Ying Bao.

When they were about to enter the ward, Fang Xiaocheng saw Mr. Huo kissing Mrs. Huo through the glass window on the door.


Ying Bao arrived at the door and instinctively wanted to call out her Mommy and Daddy, but Fang Xiaocheng had stopped her. “Shh! Cherry, Auntie will take you to the garden outside to play for a while first!”

Fang Xiaocheng decided not to disturb the couple and come back later.

“Why? Baby misses Mommy!”

As Ying Bao said this, her little hand was already pushing the door of the ward open. “Daddy…Mommy…”

After the couple inside heard the voice of their daughter, they immediately separated and wiped their lips. “Baby, you’re here!” they greeted.

This was not the first time Ying Bao had seen her parents kissing and she was already completely used to it. She ran straight into the room and clung onto the hospital bed, asking her mother, “Mommy, why are you in the hospital? Are you sick? Or are you going to give birth to Little Brother?”

“Mommy doesn’t have your little brother yet. If Mommy has him, Mommy will be sure to tell you first, okay?”

Xu Xiyan stroked her daughter’s little head. She always felt that God had been protecting her; she had been so close to not seeing her daughter again.

“Okay!” Ying Bao answered happily.

“Who did you come with?” Xu Xiyan asked.

“Auntie Orange!”

As she said that, Fang Xiaocheng came in from outside, walking over to Xu Xiyan to see her. “How do you feel, Yanyan? Are you feeling better?”

“Yup, I’m fine.”

In fact, Xu Xiyan had wanted to go directly home

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