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“You’re such a good girl for canceling ROSUE’s contract by yourself. How can I not reward you?”

As soon as he finished his words, Huo Yunshen kissed her again.

Since their return from the Lingnan mountain areas, Huo Yunshen had been very busy. He even had not the time to deal with ROSUE’s acquisition by Mo Yutian.

In the end, it was Xiao Yuqian who had reported to him that Xu Xiyan had taken the initiative to meet with her, offering to withdraw from the endorsement.

Xu Xiyan’s actions showed that she would firmly stand by his side, rejecting Mo Yutian’s attitude.

His little wife was so sensible and considerate; she would never let him worry. How could he not be happy?

He feared that in this world, there wouldn’t be another woman who knew his heart better than Xu Xiyan.

As he thought of this, Huo Yunshen was filled with inexhaustible energy. He only wanted to dedicate his overflowing love to his most beloved woman.

They spent a night full of passion together. The next day, Xu Xiyan went to the hospital before going for her shoot.

Here at the hospital, Dr. Ni Jianghe’s life had been saved in time and he was already out of danger.

Xu Xiyan went to his ward and saw the old man lying in the hospital bed, already awake. Ni Xuelin and Ye Xun were also in the ward.

After Ni Jianghe had woken up, he was ridden with guilt.

Originally, he was a victim as he had been kidnapped, but he had spent a few years being used by his captors to develop a new type of drug that had harmed countless people.

To the country, he was a criminal.

But now was not the time to investigate who was to be blamed. As ordered, Ye Xun began to interrogate Ni Jianghe, asking him who the behind-the-scenes boss was who was responsible for the production and circulation of the drug.

“Every time I saw him, he was always wearing a flu-mask and I couldn’t see his face clearly. I could only hear that sometimes, when he speaks with his men, he was speaking in the language of Estan,” Ni Jianghe recalled.

Ni Jianghe could not provide more information, but the country retained him as he still had an important task.

Due to the fact that he was the only one who was familiar with the ingredients and production methods of the drug IK-99, only he could develop an antidote to resist the drug.

“All my files are in a safe at the People’s Bank. They are in box No. 21 and the password is Linlin’s ID number and birthday.”

After Ye Xun learned the location of his files, he immediately asked Ni Xuelin for her ID number and birthday, then hurried off to the bank to retrieve the files.

Xu Xiyan stayed in the ward to accompany Ni Xuelin and her father. Not long after, Ye Xun hurried back to the ward after retrieving the files.

“Dr. Ni—”

Ye Xun was panting and sweating all over when he rushed into the ward.

Xu Xiyan noticed that Ye Xun was looking flustered. She asked, “Second Senior, what happened? Are you okay?”

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