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Chapter 899: Change Her Image

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After a few changes to the cast, the writer had made quite a few changes to the script too. The whole drama began to run around the female antagonist.

Because of her screen time and Xu Xiyan’s acting ability, Yun Qingge became the protagonist of the story.

The writer even changed her image from the girl who sought revenge to a girl who had fallen in love again with her childhood friend.

The sweet memories between Yun Qingge and her childhood friend turned the whole drama into a love story that left its impact on its viewers’ hearts.

After the viewers learned about Yun Qingge true motive for revenge, they weren’t able to find it within themselves to hate her anymore.

The comments on Yun QIngge slowly shifted from hate to love.

Some of the viewers were shipping Yun Qingge with Huo Zhiliu, while the others shipped her with Wen Zhenting.

There was a huge debate online on who Yun Qingge would end up with in the end.

Yet, no matter how the outside world viewed her, Xu Xiyan continued to do her best in playing her part.

She heard from Yang Wenxue that Lan Ling’er had gotten the leading role in a new movie, When the Equator Came Across the North Pole.

As long as Lan Ling’er stopped causing her trouble, Xu Xiyan couldn’t care less what she was doing.

Ni Xuelin had been staying at the hospital with her foster father for the past few days, and Wan Dou went back to become Xu Xiyan’s assistant.

“Didn’t you promise me that you’d give me Wan Dou?” Mu Chenguang asked. “Why are you still ordering her around? I’ll be hurt if she collapses from exhaustion.”

Xu Xiyan almost laughed out loud because Mu Chenguang was already worried about Wan Dou even though they hadn’t started dating yet.

“Since when did I order her around? She was doing those things for me on her free will. As for you, do you think she will come running back to me if you’re treating her well?”

“I’m treating her very well!” Mu Chenguang said. “I really don’t get you girls. She has no interest in me even when I’m this good looking…”

“Maybe you’re too strict for her?”

Xu Xiyan was also curious about Wan Dou’s attitude towards Mu Chenguang. Wan Dou used to tell Xu Xiyan that Mu Chenguang was her idol and even asked for his autograph when she learned that Xu Xiyan was working with him.

Yet, her attitude completely changed once she met him.

“I mean, I guess so. I’ll try and change.”

After the filming for that day ended, Xu Xiyan went back home in her van. Before she could even put her bag down, someone knocked on her door.

She opened the door and noticed it was Huo Sanyan, but not the usual Huo Sanyan that was always cheerful.

“What’s wrong?”

“Can I come in?” Huo Sanyan asked. “Oh, never mind, I don’t want to bother you…”

“Come on in,” Xu Xiyan said and pulled Huo Sanyan into the house.

“Did something happen? Have a figh

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