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Yes, he wanted to sleep with her. Didn’t he plan to sleep with her?

But who knew that he would run into the King of Hell?


Jin Qianbao’s face suddenly flushed red like a pig’s liver. Frightened, he stammered, “No-no-no… no… It was clearly a m-misunderstanding!”

“A misunderstanding? Then why did you appear in my wife’s room dressed like that?”


Jin Qianbao was going crazy inside. No matter how much authority he had, he still did not dare to go against Huo Yunshen.

Huo Yunshen was a righteous person whereas he was a sinister person at most.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Huo, I’ve come into the wrong room… Yes, it was the wrong room. It is really a misunderstanding. If you don’t believe it you can ask your wife. I really didn’t do anything out of line to her.”

Jin Qianbao secretly wiped cold sweat off his face. Luckily, he had not forced himself on Jing Xi. If he had really touched her, he reckoned that he would suffer a great consequence.

“Is that so?” Huo Yunshen’s thin lips slightly parted as he turned to ask Xu Xiyan.

“Yes!” Xu Xiyan answered with a serious face. “Just now, Bureau Director Jin said that he could not forget me after seeing me at the awards ceremony last night. He even said that he had desired me in his dreams. If I were to satisfy him, the movie easily would pass the review.”

Xu Xiyan would never lie and make up stories. She would tell the truth.

As soon as Jin Qianbao heard her, he felt as though someone had put a knife at his neck. Feeling guilty, he turned around to flee.

Just as he turned and before he could even take a few steps, several bodyguards came in through the door, blocking his way.

Jin Qianbao could not escape; there were too many bodyguards. He turned around and immediately knelt before Huo Yunshen. “Mr. Huo… I was wrong…”

“What did you do wrong?” Huo Yunshen lifted his chin slightly and narrowed his eyes imposingly at the man on the ground like an emperor dictating someone’s life and death, gazing coldly at a lowly little animal on the ground.

Jin Qianbao began to tremble, his cold sweat dripping down like beans. “I-I-I was wrong for… having perverted thoughts about Mrs. Huo… I was wrong for desiring her… I was extremely wrong… for even daring to offend Mr. Huo…”

“Good that you know that you were wrong!” Huo Yunshen waved to his men. “Teach Bureau Director Jin a little lesson and make sure he will remember it for a long time.”

His men at the door automatically knew what their boss meant and came in to grab Jin Qianbao as though he was a helpless chick. They took him away and beat him up violently near the door.

After that, they threw him directly out of the window.

And this was the sixth floor by the way!

Jin Qianbao’s fat body fell from the sky like a super-sized meat patty.

While he was falling, the towel around his waist fell off. Stark naked, he crashed onto the ground with a loud “Bam,” creating a big crater underneath him

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