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It was really uncomfortable sleeping on a Kang bed-stove. On the first night, Wandou and Ni Xuelin did not sleep well.

But just like Xu Xiyan had said, they still managed to fall asleep unwittingly after getting to a certain degree of sleepiness.

Xu Xiyan lay on the Kang bed-stove, thinking of Huo Yunshen and wondering if he had already reached his destination.

She wondered whether he had already rescued Tang Yichen there.

As she thought about her husband and daughter, she no longer felt that she was in a difficult situation. She became sleepy and naturally fell asleep.

Lan Ling-Er and Shen Mengyuan and the others were really not used to sleeping here, tossing and turning throughout the night. The next day when they woke up, they had not rested well and they looked unspirited.

She and Sha Labi both had big black circles around their eyes; they had to put a lot of powder on their faces before they looked presentable.

As for Xu Xiyan, her sleep had been just satisfactory. It was just that she felt sorry for the two girls Wandou and Ni Xuelin, but they should be able to get used to it soon with no problem.

It was a warm sunny day today. After the road was dried, the cargo trucks of the hope and charity team drove into the village one by one.

Together, Xu Xiyan and the other two charity ambassadors delivered the charity goods to the doorsteps of the residents here.

After a busy day of charity work and lots of walking, they finally returned to their living quarters at night.

They heard that the hope and charity team had made adjustments to the itinerary. After spending one night here, they were going to move on to the next place and visit the children in the mountains.

There was a slight improvement to the dinner tonight. After everyone had finished eating and chatting, they got ready to return to their living quarters to rest.

“How is it? Are you used to living here?” Ye Xun asked.

“We’re good. What about you? Are you guys alright living in the tents?”

“We’re fine. We’re all big men. What is there to be afraid of?”

For Ye Xun, it was nice living outdoors. It was just that there were a lot of mosquitoes and they would be spending the night busy killing them.

“That’s good then.”

Before leaving, Ye Xun tossed a bottle of insect repellant to Xu Xiyan. “There’re many insects here. Take this, it’s really effective at keeping them away.”

“Thank you, Second Senior, but you should keep it for yourself. Yunshen already packed some for me.”

Since she had her husband to take care of her, he could only take the insect repellant back. “Just call me if you need anything and I’ll come right away.”

“Okay, understood.”

After bidding goodbye to Ye Xun, Xu Xiyan took Wandou and Ni Xuelin back to their room.

At the other side, Lan Ling-Er and Sha Labi also went back to their room.

Thinking of the purpose of the operation this time, Lan Ling-Er asked Sha Labi, “Is everything

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