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Chapter 891: Over-Enthusiastic

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“Mummy Jing, leave Ying Bao to me,” Tang Feimo said with a serious tone. “You can focus on defeating the monster!”


Xu Xiyan had no idea how to proceed anymore.

Looked like she really had to go and defeat some “monster.”

After leaving the kids to Liang Lan, Xu Xiyan went back home and caught up with Huo Yunshen who had just come back.

“Hubby!” Xu Xiyan called while jogging to him and hugging him from behind. “Did you just arrive?”

“Yup. Did you get the kid?” Huo Yunshen asked as he turned around and put his hand on her waist.

“Yup, she’s playing with Feimo right now.”

Huo Yunshen could not help but feel a little helpless when he heard that Ying Bao went to Feimo’s place again. He had a feeling that his cute little girl would become someone’s else sooner or later.

“Why is she going there all the time? What if it becomes a routine…” Huo Yunshen pouted.

“What’s bad about that? Feimo is a good candidate as our son-in-law.”

“What son-in-law! That’s still far away!”

Huo Yunshen was a little angry about it. Even if Ying Bao would become an adult one day, he did not plan to let her marry before a certain age.

“Let’s leave that aside,” Xu Xiyan laughed. “Where did you go today?”

They’d already reached their home, and Huo Yunshen gave a simple reply, saying that he was taking care of some stuff.

“I know where you guys went,” Xu Xiyan said. “It has something to do with the raid in the news, am I right? I met Ye Xun at the hospital just now.”

Since Xu Xiyan already knew about it, Huo Yunshen had no other reason to hide it anymore and told her the whole story.

After listening to his explanation, Xu Xiyan finally learned about the whole situation, and she was right about Huo Yunshen being part of the raid.

“What about you? What happened between you and Lan Ling’er?”

Huo Yunshen got the call from Wan Dou when the raid was going down and could not make it back in time.

He rushed to the studio right after the raid, but the crew told him that Jing Xi had already left.

Xu Xiyan told him about everything that had happened and said, “Lan Ling’er is in my hands now. I’m thinking of using her to get my grandfather back. What do you think?”

“Leave it to me.”

“Okay. Oh, did you know that the doctor, Ni Jianghe, is Ni Xuelin’s foster father? It’s a huge surprise, isn’t it? Everyone thought he ran, but the truth is he fell into the hands of the drug makers.”

It really was extra to solve Ni Jianghe’s disappearance case with the raid.

Yet the drug makers were cunning, as they had tried to poison Ni Jianghe when they were about to get caught.

The police could only hope for the best as Ni Jianghe was being treated in the hospital. They wanted to learn more about the person behind the drug making.

Since the new drug had a wide distribution, it could only mean that someone powerful

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