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Chapter 912: Extremely Embarrassed

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After the man left the room, the two women lay back down in bed again, but they could not sleep after being scared just now.

So the two chatted until dawn before they fell asleep again.

The next morning, Xu Xiyan got up on time. She had a lot of scenes to shoot today and she dared not to be late.

Li Ruochu was still sleeping in. Xu Xiyan didn’t want to wake her up; she wanted to let her sleep a little longer.

After tidying herself up, Xu Xiyan picked up her bag and got ready to leave. When she walked out of the room, she was shocked at the scene in the corridor just outside the door.

There were about a dozen servants, all dressed in the same uniforms as they stood on both sides of the corridor. When they saw Xu Xiyan coming out of the room, they all bowed and greeted her loudly in unison, “Good morning, Miss Jing.”

They had chorused so loud and clear that Xu Xiyan almost dropped her bag in shock.

Xu Xiyan composed herself then greeted them awkwardly, “Uh… m-mo-morning…”

General Helian’s family is really rich! she thought. This is just a mountain villa and yet it’s already so huge and magnificent. What if it was the presidential palace?

What would it be like?

A female butler said politely to her, “Miss Jing, breakfast is ready. Please come with me.”

It seemed that Xu Xiyan had no choice but to follow the butler to the dining room. As soon as she entered the dining room, she began to click her tongue, once again impressed.

Scrumptious and exquisite breakfast foods filled the long table from one end to the other. It was a meal simply fit for a king.

Tsk, tsk… do they really have to? It’s just breakfast.

Xu Xiyan saw Helian Qingyu sitting at the end of the long table. The noble-looking man wore a white uniform, his expression cold and majestic on his well-chiseled face, his body exuding a chilly air that was unwelcoming and lethal.

Only when Xu Xiyan appeared did he withdraw the iciness in his eyes. “Morning, Jing Xi!”

“Morning, General Helian,” Xu Xiyan greeted him. As long as she thought about what had happened last night, she felt extremely embarrassed.

“Please have a seat.”

“Thank you.”

“I don’t know what Miss Jing’s favorite food is, so I’ve told the servants to prepare a simple meal. Please help yourself!”

“…” Xu Xiyan glanced at the food on the table. She could not help but criticize inwardly: This is considered a simple meal?

General, how extravagant are you really at home usually?

Xu Xiyan did not dare to ask that. She only smiled and began to eat.

She did not talk with Helian Qingyu. She only ate her meal quietly, just eating enough to fill her tummy. She put down her knife and fork and said, “General, I’m already full. Please enjoy your food.”

Helian Qingyu also put down his knife and fork. He lifted his handsome face and asked, “What’s your itinerary to

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