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Chapter 926: They Only Had One Another

Helian Qingyu returned to his mountain villa. He removed the jacket of his uniform and tossed it away, then went directly into the bathroom of the master bedroom.

After entering the bathroom, he took off all of his clothes and prepared to take a shower. But as soon as he entered the shower room, he saw an alluring scene.

Li Ruochu had just finished taking a shower and was wiping her body with a towel. The girl’s beautiful body and smooth and delicate skin was exposed unguarded just like that to Helian Qingyu’s eyes.

The fire inside his body he had been suppressing flared up again at the intensity of the scene.

Damn it!

He didn’t know that she was here.

He wanted to get out, but his eyes were stuck on her body as though with superglue.

Don’t you know how attractive Li Ruochu is right now?

She actually made him… unable to control… the power of his inner evil…

Li Ruochu looked up and inadvertently saw the man standing behind her in the mirror, stark naked. She screamed in horror.


It was too terrifying. Panic-stricken, she instinctively tried to cover herself and flee, but her foot slipped on the floor and she began to fall backwards.

She thought that she was definitely going to have a terrible fall, but she didn’t expect that the man would reach out with his strong arms in time, pulling her into his arms.

An awkward scene happened. She lay in his arms as he gazed down at her.

They stared at each other, their breath almost overlapping.

As she was wearing nothing, Li Ruochu could clearly feel the man’s strong and tight muscles as well as a dangerous power at a certain part of his body. It was too shocking.

Li Ruochu wrapped her arms around her chest and scolded him angrily, “You hooligan! Bastard! Let me go!”

In the time the two had known each other, there had been only a contractual relationship between them; they had not shared an actual relationship.

Helian Qingyu always knew that he did not love Li Ruochu, so he had never touched her.

They had always maintained a peaceful state of mutual non-encroachment.

But now, what was this beast trying to do?

Li Ruochu glared angrily at the man.

With great effort, Helian Qingyu finally moved his glue-like gaze away from her and swallowed, his Adam’s apple bobbing in his throat. Then he released her obediently.


“Oww!” F*ck!

Li Ruochu didn’t expect that he would directly drop her and make her fall onto the marble floor. Her back was sore and the back of her skull was in pain after hitting the floor.

She couldn’t help but scold Helian Qingyu angrily and repeatedly inside her heart. You stinking, shameless, big hooligan! Idiot!

Yet Helian Qingyu looked innocent. He had already released her, but when he saw her grimacing in pain after falling on the ground, he had no choice but to pick her up again and carry her back to the bedroom.

Li Ru

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