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Chapter 909: Other Ways

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Xu Xiyan noticed that there were a lot of people guarding outside, and the chances of her escaping through confrontation were slim. She had to think of other ways.

She raised her head and noticed the air conditioner that was linked to every other air conditioner in the mansion.

The escape was successful after half an hour. She crawled through the vents of the air conditioner and made her way out of the mansion.

She turned her head to look at the mansion that was lit under the moonlight, and ran.

Helian Wei was sipping on his tea as he checked his watch.

“How is our guest?” he asked.

“I’ll go check,” Le Xiu said and went to check on Xu Xiyan.

But it did not take him long to get back and report, “Sir, the girl is missing!”

“Missing? Is she hiding somewhere?”

“I’ve already asked our people to check the whole mansion, but she was nowhere to be found! I think she escaped after knocking our maids out.”

Helian Wei couldn’t help but smile. Being able to escape from the President’s mansion meant that Xu Xiyan was a capable person.

“What are you even doing? You can’t even keep watch of a girl!” Helian Wei scolded as he stood up. “I think you should consider retiring.”

“…” Le Xiu was shocked by Helian Wei’s words. He kept begging for Helian Wei’s forgiveness and promised that he would get her back.

Just as Le Xiu was thinking of how to invite Xu Xiyan over, Xu Xiyan had already reached the hotel.

She met Li Ruochu, who was waiting for her in the lobby.

“Jing Xi,” Li Ruochu greeted as soon as she saw Xu Xiyan. “I went to your room just now and you weren’t there.”

“Ruochu? How did you know I was staying here?”

“Qianqian called me beforehand. I came to see if you needed anything.”

“Thank you. Looks like I’ll be in your care again..”

“Don’t worry about it,” Li Ruochu said, noticing the dust on Xu Xiyan’s clothes. “What’s wrong? Why are your clothes so dirty?”

“I think I’m in trouble, let’s talk back in my room.”

Xu Xiyan led Li Ruochu to her room and told her everything that had happened.

Li Ruochu frowned and suggested, “Looks like the hotel isn’t safe anymore. How about you come and stay at my place? There are many rooms left over there.”

“Good idea.”

After informing Huang Guoqian, Xu Xiyan packed her stuff and left the hotel with Li Ruochu.

They came to a private mansion that looked like a castle halfway up a hill.

Xu Xiyan was shocked by the place Li Ruochu was living and said, “Is this your house? Isn’t it way too luxurious?”

The mansion would’ve been a place suited for a princess

If Xu Xiyan did not witness the mansion herself, she would’ve never believed that her former manager was loaded with cash.

Instead of being protected by Li Ruochu, Xu Xiyan thought that it should be the other way around.

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