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Almost all of the maidens in Estan had fallen for Helian Qingyu.

But since Lan Ling’er was the fairest of them all, and with her brother backing her up, she saw herself as the best out of all of them.

No maiden could give her any pressure, except for Jing Xi. It was as if the stars in her heart dimmed as soon as Jing Xi appeared.

Lan Ling’er thought of the trouble that Jing Xi could cause, and her heart began to tremble.

Even though Jing Xi was married to Huo Yunshen, Lan Ling’er was afraid that Helian QIngyu had no idea about it and would fall for her.

Lan Ling’er even noticed that the President had left his seat and was walking towards Jing Xi.

She couldn’t help but wonder if Xu Xiyan was actually made of a huge magnet that could attract anyone.

Xu Xiyan also noticed the stare from Lan Ling’er, but she chose to ignore her.

She turned her head and saw the President was walking towards her with his bodyguards.

Xu Xiyan bowed to Helian Wei and greeted formally, “A pleasure to meet you, Mr. President.”

“Miss Jing, I would like to thank you for saving me on the plane,” Helian Wei said, his eyes locked on the girl in front of him. He was dying to learn about her birth date and her relationship to his Little Moon.

“You’re welcome, Mr. President,” Xu Xiyan smiled, a smile that looked a lot like Little Moon’s.

It was as if Helian Wei was looking at his Little Moon from 20 years ago, and he wouldn’t dare stare at her any longer.

Xu Xiyan was also amazed at Helian Wei’s appearance. Even though he was already over the age of 50, his body was perfectly cared for.

Huge and muscular, without a sign of excess fat in his body.

Even though Helian Wei was famed for being strict, he did not give off that vibe when meeting with Xu Xiyan. In contrast, he was gentle and friendly to her.

Just as Xu Xiyan was wondering what to say, a voice cut in.

“Helian, is this the girl you invited, Jing Xi?” Yun Xuerou asked.

“Yes,” Helian Wei replied.

“Miss Jing, thank you for saving my husband,” Yun Xuerou thanked as she extended her arm.

Xu Xiyan looked at the woman and realized she was the First Lady of Estan, Yun Xuerou.

Yun Xuerou smiled warmly, like a mother to the whole nation.

“You’re welcome, Mrs. Helian.”

Xu Xiyan extended her arm as well and shook hands with Yun Xuerou.

She noticed that Yun Xuerou wore a white jacket with embroidery on it.

One of the embroideries looked like a pair of White Camellias.

As soon as Xu Xiyan saw the embroidery, she recalled the clue that Xu Jinshan gave her, Madam White Camellia.

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