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It was two in the afternoon, and most of the passengers were sound asleep in their seats.

Lan Ling’er had been pretending to fall asleep. She opened her eyes slightly to make sure everyone was asleep and knew that her chance had come.

She made eye contact with Sha Labi signaling for her to take action. Sha Labi moved towards Xu Xiyan quietly and dropped a diamond bracelet into her bag.

A shriek pierced through the quiet cabin, and everyone woke up.

“Where’s my bracelet? It’s gone!” Lan Ling’er shouted.

Xu Xiyan was also woken up and looked at Lan Ling’er.

“Are you talking about the 5 million diamond bracelet?” Sha Labi asked.


“Isn’t it on your wrist all the time?”

“But it’s not now!”

One of the stewardesses went over to check the situation, and the cabin crew began to help look for Lan Ling’er’s bracelet.

Because the item was costly, the cabin crew requested that everyone help look for it.

Since Xu Xiyan had no interest in it, she put her eye mask back on.

But a few seconds after that, a sweet voice whispered beside her, “Miss, the young lady over there has lost her bracelet. Can we have a look inside your bag?”

“What? Why do you need to check my bag?”

“Our apologies, but we searched the whole cabin but couldn’t find it. That’s why we asked all of the passengers to cooperate with us.”

From the stewardess’s words, it seemed like Lan Ling’er suspected someone had stolen her bracelet.


The stewardess opened Xu Xiyan’s bag and found a diamond bracelet inside.

“Miss, may I ask, is this yours?”

“No, it’s not.”

“Miss, isn’t that your bracelet?” Sha Labi asked. “Why is it in Jing Xi’s bag?”

“How should I know?” Xu Xiyan replied.

Xu Xiyan had just woken up, and her mind was still fuzzy.

“You are a thief!” Lan Ling’er scolded with a high pitched voice.

After clearing her head, Xu Xiyan looked at Lan Ling’er, and she noticed what Lan Ling’er was planning.

Lan Ling’er was trying to frame her.

“I’m not a thief.”

“Then what? Are you saying that the bracelet ran into your bag on its own?”

Xu Xiyan had no way to fight back.

She was sure that Lan Ling’er was trying to frame her, but she knew she had nothing to prove that with.

If she could not prove her innocence, her fame would be ruined.

She couldn’t help but admit that it was a smart move from Lan Ling’er.

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