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Ye Xun and his men would take care of the girls’ luggage so that they could hike without heavy burdens on them.

Even though the village wasn’t far away, the road to it was still challenging.

Even though they were only a kilometer away from their destination, they had to go around the mountain and go through a river to get there.

Almost all of the people were worn out when they reached the village, especially Lan Ling’er and Shen Mengyuan, who almost fainted from exhaustion.

Lan Ling’er hadn’t walked that far since she was a kid. Whenever she wanted to head out, there would be a car or a plane waiting for her.

Going to a place with her own feet was torture for her.

But since it was a chance to get Jing Xi into a remote village, she bit her lip and went on.

The villagers had gotten the news that a group of charity workers would visit them, and the village chief led the villagers to greet the group.

The people from the city only realized that they were living in heaven compared to the lifestyle the villagers had.

The villagers never had comfy beds or shoes to wear. Most of the families could not afford to send their children to school and had to live a hard life.

The actresses from the charity group were like angels in the eyes of the villagers.

After the person in charge had spoken to the villagers, the groups were put into local houses to stay in.

Because of the limited rooms, the actresses had to stay with their assistants, while the bodyguards would have to set up tents outside the village.

Xu Xiyan was arranged into an old house with Wan Dou and Ni Xuelin.

The condition of the house was bad. The walls were falling apart, and the windows couldn’t even block the wind outside.

“How are we supposed to sleep in this place?” Wan Dou scolded.

“You will when you’re exhausted,” Xu XIyan said. “We’re here to help them, not to relax. This is not Peijing, just treat it as a training.”

“You’re right,” Ni Xuelin agreed. “This will be an unforgettable trip.”

“What are we going to eat for dinner? There’s so many of us,” Wan Dou said, raising her concern.

“Whatever they offer,” Xu Xiyan said.

To their expectation, the dinner wasn’t anything extravagant. The villagers could only serve them mushrooms and wild greens that were grown around the village.

The group could only dine like any other villagers, eating greens and steamed buns.

“This is too bitter!” Wan Dou could not help but pout.

“It’s not really that bad,” Ni Xuelin said as she stared at her bowl. “The greens have a great taste to them.”

“Aren’t their lives a bit harsh here?” Wan Dou asked. She guessed that the villagers never had many types of meat in their life and could see why the government would send a charity group over to help them.

On the other hand, Lan Ling’er wasn’t used to eating plain foods and tossed the greens and buns aside.

“Didn’t we bring a cart of rice and noodles with us? Why ar

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