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Chapter 890: Settle Some Things Together

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After hearing the news reporting that Ni Jianghe was sent to the First People’s Hospital for emergency treatment due to poisoning, Ni Xuelin requested tearfully, “Jing Xi, can you please send me to the hospital?”

Xu Xiyan had yet to know the relationship between Ni Xuelin and the Ni Jianghe whom the news had just reported about. Noticing that she was anxious and teary-eyed, she asked her curiously, “Sure, I can take you there. What happened? Why do you suddenly want to go to the hospital?”

“Just now in the news… Ni Jianghe… he is my adoptive father…” Ni Xuelin cried as she explained.

So, that explained it.

As Xu Xiyan suddenly realized the truth of the matter, she promptly ordered the driver to turn around. She held Ni Xuelin’s hand and comforted her. “Don’t worry, we are going there now. Your father should be fine.”

At the First People’s Hospital, Emergency Department.

Xu Xiyan came to the hospital with her daughter and Ni Xuelin. Coincidentally, she met Ye Xun here too.

“Why are you here, Second Senior?” Xu Xiyan asked.

“I’m on a mission.”

Ye Xun’s task was to watch over Dr. Ni Jianghe and interrogate him for valuable information after he woke up.

“Do you know where Dr. Ni Jianghe is?” Xu Xiyan asked.

“Why do you want to look for him?” Ye Xun asked, puzzled.

“I’m not the one who wants to look for him, but Sister Xuelin does. He is Sister Xuelin’s father,” Xu Xiyan explained.

Ye Xun glanced over at Ni Xuelin and saw that her eyes were red with tears. He could understand her feelings. “Understood. You can wait until his surgery is over.”

Ni Xuelin would definitely want to wait here in the hospital, but Xu Xiyan still had to go back to deal with Lan Ling-Er. She told Ye Xun, “I’m going to take my daughter home first. I’ll leave the matter here to you, Second Senior. In case Sister Xuelin needs any help, please help her out.”

“Okay,” Ye Xun promised her.

After saying a few words to Ni Xuelin too, Xu Xiyan left the hospital with Ying Bao.

Xu Xiyan returned to Shengshi Yujing. When she arrived home, she noticed Huo Yunshen’s slippers on the ground. She guessed that he had probably yet to come home.

Where did the man go?

Ye Xun said that he was carrying out a mission. Could it be Huo Yunshen who had tasked him with it?

They had agreed to go out together to settle some things in the afternoon?

Was it related to the news about the raid on the drug factory just now?

Xu Xiyan had a lot of questions, but she had to wait for her husband to come home first and ask him herself. She stroked her daughter on her little head and said, “Baby, go change your shoes and play with your toys for a while. Mommy is going to prepare dinner.”

Ying Bao was a bit upset. “Why is Mommy cooking? Where’s Daddy? Where did he go today? Why didn’t he come pick up Baby after school?”


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