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Chapter 914: To The Presidential Palace

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Furthermore, it was rumored that she was Helian Qingyu’s mysterious girlfriend. You’ve really got to hand it to Estan’s reporters’ eagerness to stir up drama.

“How could it be me? She just looks a little bit like me.”

Xu Xiyan would never admit it. Anyway, she had been busy filming and nobody would doubt her.

However, she was still worried about the scandal being seen by the “King of Jealousy” back at home; the consequences would be unimaginable if he were to see it.

She hoped that Huo Yunshen would not know, but was it possible for him not to?

His beloved little wife had gone to Estan. Could he not order his men to watch for any signs of trouble in Estan?

In fact, at this moment, Huo Yunshen had already arrived in Estan. He was now resting in his hotel, and he had also seen the scandal.

Now, he only wanted to look for Helian Qingyu and have a good talk with him about life.

The crew packed up their things and prepared to go to the dinner gathering venue. At this moment, a group of men-in-black approached, making a beeline towards Xu Xiyan and surrounding her.

Xu Xiyan looked up and almost jumped in shock at the black wall of men before her. She thought her captors had come back to catch her again. She silently groped for a piece of brick.

If this group of men dared capture her, she would take them on.


When a familiar young man emerged from the group, Xu Xiyan dropped her urge to throw the brick. It was the man she had met on the plane. She looked at the approaching man astonishingly. “You guys…”

“Hello, Miss Jing Xi. I am Jin Xiu, at your service. I’ve come to look for you at the command of my master.”

Jin Xiu had already inquired about Jing Xi’s background. He knew that she was an actress from Zstan and she had come to Estan to shoot exterior scenes.

“Why did you want to look for me?”

“Well, it’s like this. My master wants to thank you for saving his life on the plane at that time, so he has specially prepared a banquet for you to express his gratitude.”

“No, no, I’ve said it before, there’s no need to thank me. Really, there’s no need to.”

Xu Xiyan threw the brick away secretly. It turned out that they were only inviting her to dinner. She had thought that they had come to rob her!

“Miss Jing Xi, please, you must honor him. My master has given me an order I must obey. If I fail to invite you today, me and my comrades will be sent directly to South Africa to become miners. So, please, I beg you. Please help us out!”

Jin Xiu had come with a “conquer or die” determination to succeed. If he could not invite this girl, he could not imagine what kind of terrible things his president would do.

Since they were this desperate, Xu Xiyan decided not to make things difficult for them. She could only agree, “Well, okay then! I’ll go.”

“Wonderful! Thank you so much!”

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