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Xu Xiyan did not know what the inside story was, but no matter what, she didn’t want her first film to fall short at this critical moment after investing a lot of energy and effort into it.

“Okay, please contact them for me and send me the address later. I’ll deal with them.”

Xu Xiyan decided to fight for another chance and settle the production review problem of “Those Beautiful Bygone Days” before leaving for her public welfare activities.

Not long after, Lu Zeyan sent her a screenshot of a text conversation between him and their contact. Xu Xiyan saw that the other party had asked her to meet them at the Hilton Hotel restaurant in private room No. 6 at 7 pm tonight. Only one person was allowed to come.

Looked like Xu Xiyan had guessed it right. The other party must’ve known her identity and had deliberately stalled “Those Beautiful Bygone Days” so they could exploit her.

It was just a petty little trick, but she was curious to see who the other party was who could afford to be so shameless?

It was evening, close to 7 pm.

After Xu Xiyan disguised herself, she came to the Hilton Hotel and took the elevator to the restaurant floor. After reporting the number of the private dining room to the receptionist, she was escorted there.

She pushed the door open and entered. There were three men sitting in the private dining room. Sitting in the middle was a big-bellied middle-aged man with creepy eyes and an oily face.

Sitting beside him were two slightly younger men. They were very deferential towards him as they spoke to him. They looked like his assistants or secretaries or something.

After Xu Xiyan came in, the waiter closed the door of the private dining room. Facing the three unfamiliar men, Xu Xiyan coughed a few times. “Cough…cough…Hello, I am the person in charge of Jinxi studio, Jing Xi.”

The three men were spewing smoke with their cigarettes, smothering the room with smog.

As the smoke dissipated, a beautiful woman appeared before their eyes like a fairy. The eyes of the middle-aged man lit up. He stubbed out his cigarette and greeted her. “Oh, Miss Jing Xi! Come on in! Sit down!”

“Thank you.” Xu Xiyan took a seat near the door.

“I am Jin Qianbao1, at your service. “Jin” as in Jin Qianbao’s “Jin,””Qian” as in Jin Qianbao’s “Qian,” and “Bao” as in Jin Qianbao’s “Bao,” he said, spelling out his name vainly.

Geez! That name is really cheesy, just like he is! Xu Xiyan thought.

The old man handed her a business card, then pointed at the seat beside him. “Miss Jing Xi seems to be sitting a little far away. Can you hear us? Why don’t you sit here?”

“It’s alright, I prefer sitting here,” Xu Xiyan declined politely, then went straight to the subject and asked, “Bureau Director Jin, why is the film “Those Beautiful By—”

“Hey, take it easy! No rush! We can discuss while we eat. Tell the waiter to bring in the food!”

Jin Qianbao was not in a hurry to discuss the matter. He told

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