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After settling matters with his wife, Huo Yunshen went to see his daughter before departing.

Ying Bao was sleeping well. Huo Yunshen leaned over to kiss his daughter on her cheek, then held his daughter’s little hand as he said to her, “Be good, Cherry. Be a good girl and wait for Daddy to come back.”

Yi Xiao came over to escort Huo Yunshen. Huo Yunshen said farewell to his wife. “I’m leaving now.”

“Okay, please be careful.”

Xu Xiyan escorted him to the door. The couple held hands, reluctant to part. When they were about to leave through the door, Huo Yunshen suddenly pulled her and brought her spinning into his arms.

He was already missing her before they had even separated.

He didn’t know what would happen in the future or how long before he could return. Now, Huo Yunshen only wanted to have a good kiss with his wife.

Huo Yunshen held her and fiercely planted a long kiss on her lips.

Yi Xiao also returned to apartment No. 103 and said farewell to Fang Xiaocheng.

Fang Xiaocheng knew that he was going abroad. Other than a simple “oh” as a response, she didn’t know what else to say. She was quiet as they looked at each other.

The moment when Yi Xiao turned to leave, Fang Xiaocheng’s lips moved. She really felt like telling him to be more careful, but nothing came out of her mouth.

The more she got along with Yi Xiao, the more she realized the man’s qualities. He even shared many characteristics with Dazhi, but Fang Xiaocheng had to tell herself that she and Yi Xiao could only be ordinary friends.

Huo Yunshen went to Wstan with his men. On Monday, Xu Xiyan went to the Lingnan mountain areas with the hope and charity team set up by the Peijing City Government.

The couple went on their ways; one to the south and the other to the north, but their hearts were yearning for each other.

Xu Xiyan brought Wandou and Ni Xuelin with her. Huo Yunshen had also arranged for Ye Xun to bring some men to protect her. Now, the men were arranged to ride on the big bus behind theirs.

The bus that Xu Xiyan was on was filled with all girls. Lan Ling-Er and the other female star who had also been chosen as charity ambassador, Shen Mengyuan, were also present with their assistants.

Lan Ling-Er and Shen Mengyuan sat together. The two looked as though they were close BFFs.

In fact, it was Lan Ling-Er who was deliberately trying to get close to Shen Mengyuan and to exclude Jing Xi.

Basically, Xu Xiyan had not interacted much with the other two female stars. During the whole trip, she only closed her eyes and rested her mind while Wandou and Ni Xuelin studied their itinerary.

After six or seven hours of shaking and bumping in the bus, they finally arrived at the Lingshan mountain area.

The group got off the bus after arriving at the destination. Before them, they saw a village hidden at the foot of the mountain, surrounded by green mountains and rivers, cotton-like clouds floating high above. If

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