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Xu Xiyan was sure that their relationship was better from Li Ruochu’s look. Xu Xiyan could only offer her blessing and hope that they could reconcile.

As they were chatting happily, another luxurious car stopped outside the restaurant.

A woman and a young maiden got out from it.

“Watch your step,” Lan Ling’er said as she helped Yun Xuerou out from the car.

“Thank you.”

“Madame, this is the best restaurant in Estan,” Lan Ling’er said. “Their dishes are the best. I know that you’re usually busy so I made a reservation in advance just for you.”

“Good. Thank you very much.”

Lan Ling’er was very glad. She planned to get close to the First Lady, and it would be the biggest step toward marrying Helian QIngyu.

It was all thanks to her falling into the pond that she got close to Yun Xuerou.

Lan Ling’er was able to stay a night in the President’s mansion thanks to that, and she got to chat with the First Lady.

She realized that Yun Xuerou and her mother had been classmates when they were young. Her mother had a lot to do with Yun Xuerou being able to marry Helian Wei.

Yet the truth that no one knew yet was that Yun Xuerou and Lan Ling’er were actually related by blood.

Lan Ling’er was Yun Xuerou’s cousin’s daughter, and Yun Xuerou thought that it would be best if her son could marry Lan Ling’er.

Yun Xuerou had already noticed her son inviting Lan Ling’er dancing at the party and thought that Helian Qingyu was interested in her.

Yun Xuerou was happy about it and was planning to get them closer.

As Yun Xuerou and Lan Ling’er were entering the restaurant, they noticed a row of soldiers standing guard and Yun Xuerou instantly realized they were her son’s personal guard.

Yun Xuerou thought that her son knew about the reservation beforehand and was glad.

But just as they were about to enter, one of the guards stopped them and said, ‘Madame, Miss, I’m sorry, but the restaurant is fully booked. Please leave.”

“Qingyu booked it, right?” Yun Xuerou asked.

Since the guard was a newcomer, he had not met the First Lady before and had no idea who the woman was.

“I’m sorry, but it’s confidential.”

Yun Xuerou was already at her limit and was trying to hold back her anger.

“I know it’s QIngyu. You’re one of his guards, am I right?”

The guard did not reply.

“Do you even know who this is?” Lan Ling’er asked. “Are you sure you want to stop her?”

“I’m sorry, but it’s the General’s order. We’ll have to arrest you if you persist on going in.”

“Arrest? Me?” Yun Xuerou smirked while scolding her son in her head for not educating his guards properly.

Yet it was as if the guard was serious about it as he rested his hand on his gun.

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