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Xu Xiyan could feel an itch on her face and instinctively shot her punch forward.

It was as if she hit something, and a loud thud could be heard.

A person groaned in the dark and woke the two of them up. Li Ruochu went straight for the light.

As soon as the room was lit up, they could see a man with his back against them, and Li Ruochu screamed.

“Don’t worry! I’m here!” Xu Xiyan shouted and shielded Li Ruochu, ready to fight the intruder.

“Who are you?” Li Ruochu asked, peeking from behind Xu Xiyan.

The man slowly turned around, his hand over his bleeding nose.

The man took his handkerchief out to wipe the blood, and the girls could finally see who he was.

They thought it was some burglar, but he turned out to be the master of the mansion, Helian Qingyu.

If Li Ruochu did not tell Xu Xiyan about her relationship with Helian Qingyu, Xu Xiyan would’ve been in shock by then.

“It’s you? Why didn’t you turn on the light?” Li Ruochu asked since Helian Qingyu did tell her that he would be away for quite some time. “Wait, why are you bleeding? Are you hurt?”

Li Ruochu noticed the blood on his shirt and thought he had been injured on a mission.

Xu Xiyan also noticed his bleeding nose and instantly recalled the punch she threw when she was half awake. She remembered she did feel someone touching her face and wondered if Helian Qingyu mistook her for Li Ruochu.

The most awkward person in the room was Helian Qingyu. He had no idea what had happened to him, but as he was out on a mission for the past few days, all he could think of was Li Ruochu’s cute face. As soon as the mission was over, he rushed back to his mansion.

He went straight to her room the moment he was back, wanting to touch her face.

But he had no idea that there were two people on the bed, and the other was Jing Xi.

He hoped that the face he touched just now was not Jing Xi’s.

And he really wished that Jing Xi was not the one who punched him in the face

Helian Qingyu did not reply to Li Ruochu’s question but looked at Xu Xiyan and greeted, “Jing Xi?”

“Mr. Helian, I’m really sorry for punching you just now… I had no idea it was you…” Xu Xiyan quickly explained.

“Don’t worry about it. I’m the one who was at fault just now.”

Xu Xiyan looked at him and realized that he was actually trying to touch Li Ruochu’s face.

It seemed to her that the relationship between the two of them wasn’t as bad as Li Ruochu had mentioned.

There might be more than what meets the eye.

Li Ruochu noticed Helian Qingyu was staring at Xu Xiyan and said, “It’s late, we have to go back to sleep. Can you leave us?”

“Okay, goodnight.”

Helian Qingyu was very polite in front of a guest, and it almost made Li Ruochu believe that he had a good side.

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