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After Xu Xiyan followed the flight attendant into the first-class cabin, the first thing these black-suited bodyguards requested was to do a body search on her and asked her to hand over dangerous goods.

Xu Xiyan only wore a one-piece dress and she didn’t even bring her jacket. She only carried her medicine kit in her hands. She opened it and showed it to them. “These are my tools, nothing else.”

The bodyguards let her in. Xu Xiyan saw a man in a black suit leaning back in his seat. His eyebrows were scrunched tight and his lips were darkening, his face twisting in pain as he pressed his right hand over his heart.

After taking a good look at him, Xu Xiyan vaguely recognized that he was the President of Estan!

She remembered that a while back, she had been lucky enough to see him once at the hospital in Estan. It was really unexpected that President Helian Wei would appear on this flight from Zstan to Estan today.

As his situation was critical, Xu Xiyan began to carry out first aid. She looked under his eyelids and checked his tongue, then told his assistants to fully recline his seat and began to apply acupuncture on him.

When Xu Xiyan took out some silver needles, Helian Wei’s assistant, Jin Xiu, asked her warily, “What’s this? What are you trying to do?”

Xu Xiyan explained, “This is acupuncture of Chinese medicine. Do you know? I’m going to apply needles on this gentleman. I am trying to save him.”

“You can save him by sticking needles into him?”

“Well, we’ve got to try to heal this dead horse as if he is still alive!”

“Hey! You dare insult—”

Before Jin Xiu could flare his temper, Xu Xiyan told him sternly, “If you keep delaying me like this, don’t blame me if I fail to save his life!”

Jin Xiu did not speak anymore and Xu Xiyan began to concentrate on applying acupuncture on Helian Wei. She applied needles on his head, neck, hands and other places on his body.

After that, she placed one hand on top of the other and began to press down on Helian Wei’s chest, performing CPR on him.

After three sets of CPR, Xu Xiyan was exhausted and her arms were sore. She stopped to shake her hands to relax them.

Jin Xiu was pleasantly surprised; it seemed that the President was waking up and he could open his eyes. “It worked! I really didn’t think you were that amazing!”

This sentence was to praise Xu Xiyan. Xu Xiyan smiled lightly as she removed the needles from Helian Wei’s body.

Xu Xiyan packed up her tools as she advised them, “He’s okay for the time being. After landing in Estan, he still needs to go to the hospital for an examination. Since he had a heart attack, you all must have his medicine ready at all times just in case.”

Jin Xiu felt he had been derelict in his duty. This time, the President’s visit to Zstan was a covert operation. The President had brought along his medicine but he had inadvertently left it back in Zstan.

Only then the President realized that his bottle

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