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Chapter 875: Near-Death Experience

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Lei De noticed Huo Yunshen was digging through the mud with his men and suggested, “Sir, this is the best time to take care of him. Should I get some of our men and…”

Lei De’s intention was clear, he planned to take care of Huo Yunshen.

But Mo Yutian hesitated because Jing Xi was still buried and ordered, “Don’t do anything without my orders!”

“But sir!” Lei De retorted.

Mo Yutian looked at Huo Yunshen digging through the mud until all of his fingers were bleeding. Even he would be touched by Huo Yunshen’s action.

“Everyone get out and help Huo Yunshen!” Mo Yutian ordered.

Even though Lei De thought that it was the only chance to get rid of Huo Yunshen, he could not refuse an order from his master. He got his underlings and went to help Huo Yunshen.

Lan Ling’er heard that Mo Yutian intended to help Jing Xi, to the point where he even took off his suit and was about to leave the car.

“Brother!” Lan Ling’er stopped Mo Yutian. “It’s dangerous outside! You can’t go! Another landslide could come down at any moment!”

“Keep your mouth shut and stay in the car!”

Mo Yutian jumped out of the car and ran to help.

Huo Yunshen had already noticed the man that suddenly appeared beside him, but he could not care less about his intentions.

All he could think of was the safety of his wife.

As he dug faster, his heart kept praying for Xu Xiyan’s safety.

With the increase of hands, the car finally surfaced. Huo Yunshen ordered his man to pry the door open, and the unconscious girl was sitting in the car.

“Jing Xi…” Huo Yunshen called out and pulled her out from the car.

Mo Yutian was also worried when he saw Jing XI was unconscious.

“Do you need my help?” Mo Yutian asked as he saw that Huo Yunshen’s hands were covered in blood.

“There’s another person in the back seat,” Huo Yunshen said.

Mo Yutian pulled the back door open and saved the kid in the back seat.

“Get in my car!” Mo Yutian said since his car was near.

Time was of the essence, and Huo Yunshen went with Mo Yutian.

Lei De followed behind Mo Yutian and could feel that his master had changed.

They had the chance to get rid of Huo Yunshen, and another chance would be hard to come by.

Mo Yutian’s car sped through the mountains and to the nearest hospital.

Xu Xiyan and Xiao Yu were both sent into E.R. and were saved.

Xu Xiyan woke up the next afternoon and saw Huo Yunshen sitting in front of her.

“Hubby…” Xu Xiyan called out, unable to believe her own eyes.

“You’re up…” Huo Yunshen touched her head and held her hand.

He sighed with emotion because he had almost lost his wife forever.

“I thought I would never see you again…” Xu Xiyan sobbed, recalling that she had almost suffocated in the landslide.

As she was losing her consciousness in the car, she thought of many things.

The biggest regret th

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