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At this time, Helian Wei could not restrain the shock in his heart. He could not help but stand up from his seat slowly.

Was he hallucinating?

Was that his little moon?

Helian Wei had not seen the girl who had saved his life on the plane clearly. When she was invited last time, the situation that time was not right and he hadn’t had the chance to look at her face carefully.

At this moment, he could clearly see that the girl was even more beautiful than he had imagined. Her facial features were so similar to his little moon’s.

At that moment, he felt dizzy for a while as though he saw his little moon.

But he clearly understood that it was impossible that she was his little moon. His little moon had passed away many years before. He had even gone to pay his respects at her grave a few days ago.

The girl walked step by step into the banquet hall. Helian Wei asked Jin Xiu, “What is her name?”

Helian Wei had been so busy until now that he hadn’t had time to ask his assistant for the girl’s name.

“Jing Xi. ‘Jing’ as in ‘scenery,”Xi’ as in ‘sunny’.”

“Jing Xi…?”

When he heard the name, he felt as though thunder had struck a deep part of his heart, echoing and vibrating inside him for a long time.

Helian Wei said the name several times in his heart silently. He was surprised. Her surname is “Jing” too?

Suddenly, there was a feeling he could not describe that came back to haunt him, making his heart beat in a chaotic rhythm.

It was bad enough that she looked like her, but now he found out that she had the same surname as her. Was this a coincidence, or…

Not only was Helian Wei shocked; Yun Xuerou was also so shocked that she knocked over the glass in her hand.

She looked at the woman who was slowly approaching them, dumbstruck. Fear instantly ignited in her heart and she felt horror shooting straight to the top of her head.

Ah…she is that woman?

Fortunately, Yun Xuerou was usually calm and composed. She only panicked for a short while then calmed herself down.

She could already tell that the other person was not that woman. The girl before her eyes obviously looked even younger.

Inquisitiveness flickered in her eyes. Where did this girl come from?

What is her relationship with that woman?

At the moment Xu Xiyan stepped into the gorgeous ballroom, she felt as though she had accidentally stumbled into a strange world that she didn’t belong in.

Her beautiful eyes were filled with awe. Especially when she saw all the young ladies in the banquet hall wearing colorful dresses and vying each other in beauty, she was even more surprised. Was it a beauty pageant night today?

As she glanced around at the crowd, Xu Xiyan unexpectedly spotted Lan Ling-Er.

She had actually come to attend the party tonight?

Xu Xiyan was suddenly confused. She was told that the banquet was held to thank her, but why were there so many people?

Lan Ling-Er also discovered Jing Xi a

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