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“How illogical can you be?” Xu Xiyan scolded. “Do you need me to slap your mind back into place?”

If talking logically wasn’t a choice, then Xu Xiyan could only resort to violence.

“Trying to scare me, are you? Try and do that then!” Lan Ling’er bit back.

Lan Ling’er thought that Xu Xiyan would not dare to do so because she had her bodyguards with guns backing her up.

But since Lan Ling’er asked for it, Xu Xiyan thought that it would be bad to refuse her invitation.

Without any hesitation, Xu Xiyan grabbed Lan Ling’er by her collar and slapped her left and right for a total of four times.

“The people in Zstan always said that even numbers are lucky. These four slaps are our gift to you!” Xu Xiyan said.

Even though the crowd was stunned by Xu Xiyan’s action, they couldn’t help but admire Xu Xiyan for her courage.

The four slaps were for everyone in the studio.

Lan Ling’er was furious; it was her first time being hit ever since she was born.

Being loved by both of her brothers, no one ever dared to touch her, even when she was acting.

Xu Xiyan was just asking to be killed.

“How dare you slap me! Do you think you can do that because I’m a foreigner?” Lan Ling’er scolded.

“So what? This is Zstan, and you have no say here!” Xu Xiyan said. “Do you even know why I asked the director to make changes? Because I want you to get out of my sight so that I can get my grandfather back as soon as I can. That is my reason!”

That might be the worst collision that Xu Xiyan and Lan Ling’er had.

“What are you guys doing?” Lan Ling’er shouted at her bodyguards. “Get her! Let her know what happens to people who insult me!”

All six foreign bodyguards surrounded Xu Xiyan to grab her.

Yet, Xu Xiyan wasn’t someone that would go down easily. In just an instant, they began to fight on the set.

No one dared to step up and stop them.

On the other side, Wan Dou and Mu Chenguang returned, only to see Xu Xiyan fighting with six men.

Wan Dou quickly took out her phone and called her boss while Mu Chenguang rushed into the fight in his costume and kicked one of the bodyguards away.

It was two against six, and the props were being destroyed one by one from the fight.

When the director and crew arrived, most of the set was gone.

The bodyguards were losing, and they were forced to take their guns out, pointing at Xu Xiyan. Most of the people ran as soon as they saw guns being drawn.

Xu XIyan and Mu Chenguang had their backs to each other. Even though they were doing okay in the fight, they weren’t able to do anything with guns pointing at them.

“Afraid now, are we?” Lan Ling’er smirked. “Tie Jing Xi up!”

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