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Unable to get what he yearned for and having lost to Huo Yunshen many times, Mo Yutian started to lose his mind.

Even if he could not capture Jing Xi’s heart, he would still want her body.

The exchange would happen in an hour.

Yi Xiao and his men took Lan Ling’er to meet Lei De at the port.

Both sides had agreed to let their hostages go at the same time.

In exchange for Lan Ling’er, Jing Huaduo was finally free.

When Xu Xiyan met up with Jing Huaduo back at the Jing’s mansion, she hugged him tightly.

“I’m sorry for everything you’ve been through. Did they hurt you?” Xu XIyan said.

“No, they treated me very well.”

“That’s good. Yunshen and I have booked our dinner at the Red Mansion, let’s got there tonight.”

“Didn’t I tell you not to get into a relationship with the kid from the Huo family?” Jing Huaduo scolded. “Yet you went behind my back and married him.”

Jing Zhannan had called his father before, warning him to not let Xu Xiyan get close to Huo Yunshen. He was afraid that Huo Yunshen would bring a lot of danger with him.

And Jing Zhannan was right. It seemed that Huo Yunshen had many enemies like Mo Yutian.

“Come on, grandpa. The kid is already six now, we can’t change that,” Xu Xiyan said, knowing that Jing Huaduo still didn’t fully trust Huo Yunshen yet. “I’ll follow him forever no matter what happens. You’d better accept that.”

“You little stubborn…”

Jing Huaduo had no idea how to persuade Xu Xiyan anymore.

“Well, I got that stubbornness from my mum, and she got it from you,” Xu Xiyan laughed while Jing Huaduo let out a long sigh.

Just as Jing Huaduo was about to get up, someone called him from behind.

“Great-grandpa!” a cute voice shouted.

Jing Huaduo raised his head and saw a little girl in a beige-colored windbreaker running towards him. She had a canton-themed bag on her back, and her hair was tied into two braids.

“Little Cherry! Let great-grandpa hug you!”

“Where have you been? I’ve been so worried…”

“Me too!”

Jing Huaduo hugged the child tightly and noticed Huo Yunshen coming in,

Huo Yunshen came with expensive gifts and greeted, “Grandpa, I’ve come to visit you.”

Jing Huaduo pretended not to have heard him and continued to play with the child.

Xu Xiyan took the gifts from Huo Yunshen and said, “Grandpa, Yunshen knows that you love tea and he prepared the best Mingqian tea in the market. He also got you a very unique dark-red enameled teapot that was made by Master Junshan.”

Drinking tea and collecting teapots was Jing Huaduo’s hobby. His interest was instantly piqued when he heard Master Junshan’s name.

“Are you serious?” Jing Huaduo asked. “It’s not a fake, right?”

Master Junshan’s teapot was Jing Huaduo’s favorite, and he had a few of them. But the teapot Huo Yunshen brought was known as one of the last few that Master Junshan had made before he passed away.

Jing Huaduo found it hard to believe that a yo

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