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After finishing his words, the man directly clasped a hand behind her head and sealed her breath with a kiss, beginning to “punish” her forcefully.

Midway, when the man paused to put on protection, Xu Xiyan stopped him. “Don’t wear it.”

“Why? What if you get pregnant?”

Huo Yunshen was puzzled. According to his little wife’s request, his daily compulsory lesson was to research how to avoid pregnancy so that she would not become pregnant too early. But now, she had actually told him not to wear it. Did he hear her wrong?

“If I’m pregnant then I’ll just give birth to it!”


Huo Yunshen was overjoyed. He felt as though he’d been injected with adrenaline after hearing his little wife saying that she was willing to give birth to a child for him, suddenly making him overflow with energy.

That’s great. She must’ve thought it through and was now willing to give him a child.

However, Huo Yunshen was not in a hurry for the time being. He felt that he hadn’t spent enough alone time with his wife and he wanted to enjoy life with his wife for another two years.

In the end, the man still insisted on using protection. Xu Xiyan asked him puzzlingly, “I thought you wanted another child?”


“So why don’t you want it now?”

The man said seductively, “I want a child, but now, I only want you.”

Huo Yunshen once again leaned forward and pressed her down firmly…

It was a fine Sunday. Huo Yunshen had reserved the whole resort and took Xu Xiyan and their daughter Ying Bao for a leisurely holiday.

They spent the whole day at the resort having a great time. When the big baby and the little baby arrived home, they had already fallen asleep in the car.

Huo Yunshen did not wake them up. He carried them from the car back to their apartment one by one, and then began to help his wife to pack up her things for her charity trip tomorrow.

Clothes, cosmetics, and common medicines—as long it was something Huo Yunshen could think of it, he would pack it nicely into her luggage.

After packing Xu Xiyan’s belongings into her luggage, Huo Yunshen began to pack his own luggage lightly. It was at this time that his phone rang.

It was a call from Tang Yichen.

He must have some report on the status of his business trip abroad to be calling him so late at night.

There was a legal dispute in one of his subsidiary companies at Wstan, so he had appointed Tang Yichen to deal with it. Now it was already a week later and it should have been settled.

In order to not wake up his wife and daughter, Huo Yunshen got up and went to the living room to answer the call. “Hello? Old Tang, how is it?”

But who knew, the voice that came from the other end of the call was not Tang Yichen, but an unfamiliar voice that sounded deep and rough.

“Your friend Tang Yichen is in our hands. If you want to save him, bring us 10 million USD in two days and we’ll release him. If we don’t see anyone within two

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