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“I never regretted giving birth to Ying Bao. Ying Bao is my everything and my life.”

Xu Xiyan held her daughter and kissed her forehead.

During the five years overseas, she spent four years raising the child and completed her studies at the same time. It was very tough but full of happiness, totally worth it.

“Who is the father of Ying Bao?”

Fang Xiaocheng was more concerned about this issue. She remembered that five years ago, after that night, the scandal between Xu Xiyan and a bald old man was spread around. The child should not be that person’s?

“Er… I don’t know.”

Xu Xiyan smiled awkwardly.

“…” Fang Xiaocheng was speechless. The more we thought about it, the more terrified she was. Is the child really of that bald old man?

After Xu Xiyan went abroad five years ago, it was not long before she found out she was pregnant.

The child’s father was the stranger from that night, but unfortunately, she did not ask for his name at that time, otherwise she could ask for some child support.

But then again, without him knowing, she gave birth to the child alone, so there was no reason to ask for money.

Worst case scenario, even if she met the stranger again, she could not let him know that she had given birth to his child secretly. Otherwise, if he wanted to take her daughter away, she would rather kill herself.

Ying Bao was hers, and no one could take her away.

Hearing that her best friend wanted to be an actress, Fang Xiaocheng still couldn’t believe it. “So you want to get into entertainment. Are you kidding me?”

“No, I am serious.”

Xu Xiyan changed her mind and chose the path of acting mainly to fulfill her mother’s will. Her mother was a step away from best actress, and this last step, she would complete for her mother.

“To tell the truth, since you are on your own, I really think the chance is slim. You don’t even know what they have become after five years.”

Fang Xiaocheng knew what was going on in Xu Xiyan’s family and was sympathetic to her experience. Therefore, she couldn’t help but worry about Xu Xiyan.

With Xu Xiyan alone, she simply did not have enough power to destroy Xu Jinshan, Chu Yuhe, and Xu Xinrou, did she?

“I understand, but I am not afraid.”

Xu Xiyan understood her worries. Fang Xiaocheng was worried that the path she chose would be full of thorns and bumps, and she was worried that she would be injured and bruised.

She was afraid that Xu Xiyan would not be able to avenge her mother but instead sacrifice her own life. She was fearing that Xu Xiyan would repeat the mistakes of her mother…

After all, five years had passed, and Xu Xiyan’s opponents had all become very powerful, but she had not even officially debuted.

Xu Xiyan learned from Fang Xiaocheng that in the past five years, Xu Jinshan had become the director of Yunhai Entertainment, the largest entertainment company in Peijing. With Yunhai Entertainment to back him up, each of his wo

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