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They were both the keepsakes left behind by her mother: a violin and a brooch.

Her mother Jing Ruyue used to be a violinist famous at home and abroad. Later, she gave up her music career and joined the entertainment business to help realize Xu Jinshan’s dream of becoming a famous director.

But in the end, she did not expect what a horrible man Xu Jinshan could become after they got married. The mysterious brooch was the initial reason for their breakdown and her husband’s domestic violence.

Xu Jinshan had always been convinced that she was having an affair with the man who gave her the brooch. Each time he beat her, it was to find out who he was. However, Jing Ruyue would rather take the beating than tell him the truth.

Even when she died, Jing Ruyue was holding the brooch in her hand, which was why Xu Xiyan had always been curious about whom the brooch was from.

Who was the person that her mother was trying to protect at the risk of her life?

After she was all packed up, Xu Xiyan carried her suitcase downstairs. Xu Jinshan and Su Rui were not around. Only Xu Xinrou came up and said, “Why do you have to be so stubborn, Yanyan? You know that if you concede, dad will forgive you!”

“Sorry, in my dictionary, there is no such word as concession!” Xu Xiyan kept on walking.

“Are you really leaving?”

“Isn’t this what you have been expecting?!” Xu Xiyan’s eyes were full of irony.

“…” Xu Xinrui’s heart thumped, as she felt slightly guilty.

Xu Xiyan walked out of the gate of the Xu household resolutely, without looking back. Determined and proud, she knew it was the most correct and dignified choice she had made in 12 years!

Instead of waiting to be swept out of the house, it was better to walk out the door with her head high.

When passing the garden, Xu Xiyan heard someone calling her and turned. It was her grandfather.

With a four-legged crutch, the old man stumbled towards her with a kind smile. “Yanyan, are you off school?”

“Yes, Grandpa!” Xu Xiyan smiled at him. In the Xu family, her grandpa might be the only one who really loved her.

It was a pity that he was old and suffering from eye problems and Alzheimer’s. He could no longer manage the family affairs or protect her like he used to.

“Oh, my Yanyan is taller! Are you going to middle school next year?” The old man rubbed Xu Xiyan’s head, saying his usual line. In his memory, Xu Xiyan was still a pupil.

“Yes, grandpa, next year I’ll go to middle school. I am busy at school, so I can’t come to see you often!” When Xu Xiyan said this, she felt her nose was sore, and her tears could not stop falling.

As she left the Xu family today, she would not come back again. Could she see grandpa again in her lifetime?

She only hoped that this would not be the last time they meet.

“School is important. Grandpa can’t help you anymore! Here is some pocket money that grandpa has saved up! Take it and buy some snacks!” The old man put

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