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Back in the days, Xu Xiyan’s mother, Jing Ruyue, was caught having an affair by her husband Xu Jinshan the night before she got best actress. Then all the scandals and sex photos were exposed.

A step away from the throne of movie queen, all the successes and efforts were ruined overnight. Coupled with her husband’s ruthless abandonment and betrayal, Jing Ruyue felt wronged and eventually took her own life.

When Xu Xiyan was six years old, she lost her mother like that. Before her mother’s bones were cold, his father brought his mistress and illegitimate daughter home.

And now Xu Xinrou had learned all the skills of Su Rui and wanted to ruin her with Chu Yuhe!

Only that could be called “like mother, like daughter,” right?

Listening to the sudden accusation of Xu Xiyan, Su Rui and Xu Xinrou both looked upset. They looked to Xu Jinshan with grievances, waiting for him to be the judge.

Xu Jinshan was furious. He raised his hand and slapped Xu Xiyan hard in the face. “Bitch! What are you talking about!”

On the fair cheek of Xu Xiyan, five bright red bars appeared. The corner of her mouth was also bleeding.

She covered her cheek with a hand and sneered. “Oh… What did I say, you know better than anyone else! Feeling guilty?! Are you afraid that I will publish all your dirty laundry in public? Or are you afraid that one day the truth will come out?”

“Damn you! I will chop you into pieces if you say one more word!”

Xu Jinshan kicked her waist hard and threw her to the floor. And then a storm of violent punches and kicks rained on her.

He beat Xu Xiyan so hard as if there were not related. Even Su Rui and her daughter could not help but hold each other and turn their heads away from the violent scene.

Xu Xiyan gritted her teeth, not making any sound or asking for mercy.

It was not until Xu Jinshan vented his anger that he stopped and warned her, “You did that shameful thing, and now everyone in the city knows about it. Even I feel ashamed for you! If you continue to go down like this, don’t say you are the daughter of Xu Jinshan!”

This was her father, a well-dressed emerging director in the eyes of outsiders. No one knew that he was a man with a domestic violence history of more than 20 years at home.

In the past, his victim was her mother. After her mother died, he vented all his grievances on her.

Every time Xu Xiyan mentioned his affair or her mother, he would violently attack her with punches and kicks until she was covered in injuries.

Su Rui and Xu Xinrou always watched Xu Jinshan abusing Xu Xiyan. They never dared to say anything for fear that it would be their turn. In fact, they must be secretly gloating!

Xu Xiyan curled herself into a ball on the floor. She was hurting all over from his kicks, and the most pain was in her ribs. However, she gritted her teeth without making a cry.

When he had enough, she climbed up from the ground, wiped the blood from the corner of her

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