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Five years later.

A woman wearing an embroidered beige Tadashi-Shoji spring dress appeared in Peijing Airport, together with a little girl wearing a small dress of the same style.

The woman was slim and beautiful. Her facial features were chiseled and exquisite. With long hair on her back, she looked ethereal.

With lovely straight bangs, the little girl had a pink face and a pair of black and bright eyes blinking like stars. When she smiled, she would show her cute little teeth and dimples, looking very adorable.

The adult and the child were especially eye-catching. An onlooker would think she was a TV star taking her child back to China.

Xu Xiyan was dragging several pieces of luggage and taking her daughter Ying Bao, struggling to move forward.

Before they walked far, a bag fell to the ground and the content scattered on the floor. She had to get down and pick them up.

Ying Bao was sitting on the largest wheeled suitcase and looking at the passengers coming and going in the airport. With her big black eyes blinking, she noticed a group of people coming from the opposite side.

A handsome man was surrounded by several bodyguards.

Such a handsome uncle!

Although he was sitting on a wheelchair, it did not affect his good looks at all.

Ying Bao loved watching handsome uncles. She not only stared at him, but also smiled.

Sitting in the electric wheelchair, Huo Yunshen looked up and saw a cute little girl sitting on a suitcase staring and smiling at him. As she smiled, lovely little dimples appeared on her round face.

That smile could melt people’s hearts.

Such a cute little girl – this was Huo Yunshen’s first impression of her.

When he passed by, Huo Yunshen smiled back at her and waved to say hi.

Xu Xiyan put everything back and got up. Seeing her daughter turning her head and looking back, she asked with confusion, “Ying Bao, what are you looking at?”

Ying Bao turned her head, full of excitement, and blinked at her mother mysteriously.

“Xi baby! I just saw a super handsome uncle with dimples just like me! He smiled at me and said hello to me!”

Xu Xiyan turned back, but only saw a group of people in black walking away. She was rendered speechless. “Are you sure that you didn’t smile at him first? Well, Ying Bao, don’t act all cute to strange uncles in the future. Got it?”

Ying Bao pouted and said innocently, “I know, Xi baby, but I did not act all cute! My serious face will prove it.”

LOL… Her face was too cute to prove anything.

Xu Xiyan squeezed her daughter’s cheeks and smiled. Then she dragged the luggage and left the airport together with her daughter.

In the VIP lounge, Huo Yunshen was meeting with the company’s chief legal counsel, Tang Yichen. After greetings, Huo Yunshen discovered that Tang Yichen had been staring at the screen of his mobile phone.

“What are you looking at?”

If it was not because Tang Yichen was laughing at his mobile phon

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