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“Tell me! If Helian Qingyu pursues you, would you be tempted?”

Huo Yunshen felt very worried. His wife was too charming and she would always attract all kinds of men unwittingly.

And, each one more formidable than the last.

First, it was Mo Yutian, then came Helian Qingyu.

If the two men took turns sabotaging their relationship, how was he going to live his days?

Fortunately, he and Helian Qingyu were friends. Last night he had promptly clarified his relationship with Jing Xi. Otherwise, knowing Helian Qingyu’s temper, he would definitely not let go of Jing Xi easily.

He was already informed by Nightfall long ago. Nightfall had told him that after Helian Qingyu’s recovery from his injuries, the general had been sending his men to look for the girl who had saved him.

If he hadn’t given a strict command and told Nightfall not to reveal anything about her, perhaps Helian Qingyu would have already come knocking at their door.

As long he thought of his beloved woman being yearned for by other men, Huo Yunshen could not help but want to hold her tight; he didn’t want to be separated from her, not even for a single second.

“I… I’m going to be suffocated if you continue to hug me this tight.”

Xu Xiyan managed to peek her head out from his arms, raised her head and nibbled his smooth and sexy chin. “Helian Qingyu? Pursuing me? Are you being jealous again? Don’t you know that I only have you in my heart?”

“But what if he wanted to repay his debt to you with love?” The man pressed on.

Is he this insecure? Xu Xiyan thought.

“I don’t remember how many people I’ve helped. If every one of them wanted to repay me with their love, then what would I become? Your love for me is already enough.”

The man was so cute while being jealous and Xu Xiyan felt like laughing. “Also, didn’t you see that Helian Qingyu and Sister Ruochu are a couple? Could you please stop overthinking it? Just think about me, think about Ying Bao, and think about how our family of three will always stay together and no one can break us apart. How wonderful is that?”

“Okay, I’ll only think of you.”

Now that his daughter had Tang Feimo thinking of her every day without giving her father a chance to think of her, he would just think about this “big baby” here.

The man turned over and pressed her down to the bed again, starting a morning “aerobic exercise” session.

After Xu Xiyan finally got up and looked at her mobile phone, she realized that it was Li Ruochu who had sent her a message.

In the text message, Li Ruochu said that she had returned to Estan. Regarding her job as Xu Xiyan’s manager, she could only put it on hold for the time being and she was very sorry for it.

Xu Xiyan felt that Li Ruochu was a very good person. Although her time with her was not long, she still liked her character very much.

She only wondered how her relationship with General Helian would develop. She hoped that it would go smoothly!

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