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Chapter 826: Really Rude

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She stood up and slapped her hands down on the table and said coldly, “Don’t make me laugh! Everything should be first come first serve. We came to the coffee shop first and chose this spot. If you had made a reservation in advance, we would give you this table, but the problem is that you didn’t. So why do you think we should give up this table for you? Just because you are a national goddess of Estan, the people of Zstan have to bow down to you? What kind of logic is that?”

After Xu Xiyan finished her words, Lan Ling-Er’s almond eyes narrowed slightly and her eyes grew cold. She said, clicking her tongue, “I’ve heard that Miss Jing Xi is a good talker. After listening to you talk personally today, you do really have a sharp tongue and you’re disgusting to the extreme. I’m curious…how did you manage to hook up with Huo Yunshen? Oh, the question should be like this: how could Huo Yunshen fancy such a woman like you?”

Lan Ling-Er had mentioned Huo Yunshen. Xu Xiyan couldn’t help but narrow her eyes at her.

Don’t tell her that this Miss Lan is also one of Huo Yunshen’s admirers?

Otherwise, how could she say such things?

“Whatever happens between me and my husband, no outsider can tell us what is right or wrong. May I ask Miss Lan whether you have come to Zstan to shoot a film, or have you come to Zstan to snatch someone’s place?”

Xu Xiyan had not yet figured out why Lan Ling-Er was being hostile to her.

Whether it was something to do with Huo Yunshen was still debatable.

“Hmph…” Lan Ling-Er snorted and looked at her with contemptuous eyes. “Why? You’ve debuted as a nameless substitute actor. You neither have an impressive family background nor a good education. You’re a gossip-ridden D-list artist. What right do you have to gain his favor? I checked about you before I came to Zstan and you have plenty of scandals around you. If it weren’t for Huo Yunshen’s help in clearing your name, I’m afraid your reputation would have become as black as a black hole by now. I wonder how many men you’ve bedded so you could take advantage of their power. What’s so attractive about a whore like you?”

Did Lan Ling-Er know what she was talking about?

This woman is really rude!

She had slandered Xu Xiyan. How could she allow her to bully and insult her however she wanted?

Without any notice, Xu Xiyan directly slapped Lan Ling-Er on her face twice.

Slap, slap!

Lan Ling-Er was stunned by her blows and her fair face was suddenly streaked with red marks.

After recollecting her wits, Lan Ling-Er became angry. She pointed a red fingernail at her and shouted angrily, “Jing Xi, who do you think you are? You dare slap me?”

“Yes! Not only do I dare to slap you, but I’m also going to treat you to a drink!”

After Xu Xiyan finished, she picked up the coffee cup in front of her and directly splashed all of the coffee in it at Lan Ling-E

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