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Huo Yunshen called Xu Xiyan twice again and got the same response.

Xu Xiyan’s phone was off, and Huo Yunshen panicked.

He quickly called Yi Xiao and made him investigate which hotel it was in the news.

Even though Huo Yunshen was skeptical about it, he still couldn’t stop himself from making sure.

Only when he saw it with his own eyes would he be able to calm down.

When the door to the hotel room was kicked down, they could clearly hear the moaning inside.

The closer he got, the faster his heart beat.

He couldn’t even begin to picture what it was like to see his own wife in bed with another man.

A woman was riding on a man in the bed as her boobs shook from her motion.

It was disgusting to see.

But one look at the woman’s back and Huo Yunshen was sure that it wasn’t Xu Xiyan.

Because Xu Xiyan had a cloud-shaped tattoo on the bottom right of her back.

It was a surprise for Huo Yunshen, representing that she would never separate with him.

It was regretful that she ruined her perfect skin, but Huo Yunshen actually was grateful for her tattoo for once.

The two people on the bed were surprised by the sudden intrusion, and they screamed while they tried to hide in the blanket.

Huo Yunshen looked at the woman, but she only looked like Jing Xi from a certain angle. Otherwise she was a completely different person.

Huo Yunshen also recognized the man. It was the billionaire, Mei Xiangdao, from the cruise ship.

Mei Xiangdao was well-known for being a playboy, and he was shocked when Huo Yunshen barged into his room.

“Mr. Huo, did I do something wrong?” Mei Xiangdao asked. “What have I done to deserve this visit? Could it be… that you’re actually close with Linlin? Please, I had no idea she’s your woman…”

“Oh, shut up and continue what you’re doing,” Huo Yunshen scolded and left with his men.

The most important thing at that moment was to find out where Xu Xiyan was.

But he had no idea that a person was recording the whole “catching his lover in bed with another man” act in the shadow.

Not long after Huo Sanyan shut the scandal down, another surfaced.

The scandal mentioned that Huo Yunshen caught Xu Xiyan at the hotel and they fought.

Huo Sanyan could not help but slap her own forehead.

What the heck are those two

doing? Can’t they live a scandal-less life?

Huo Yunshen asked his men to trace where Xu XIyan went after she left the studio.

They contacted Wan Dou and learned that Wan Dao was having stomach issues and spent most of her time in the bathroom.

Because the van broke down in the middle of the road, Xu Xiyan hailed a cab and went off.

Huo Yunshen called Fang Xiaocheng, but Ying Bao and Fang Xiaocheng told him that Xu Xiyan wasn’t back yet.

Where did this woman go? Could it be… Mo Yutian? Is he behind this? Is he planning to kidnap Xu Xiyan and spread the scandal about her having an affair? No, it must be him! There’s no o

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