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Since Xu Xiyan was good at talking, hosting the show did not pose a challenge to her. She went through the schedule and remembered all of it.

Xu Xiyan gave an opening speech with the main host of the event, going through the developments of the LK Charity Award Ceremony before the first award began.

Mo Yutian and Huo Yunshen were both included in the Top Ten Philanthropists of the Year.

Xu Xiyan noticed that, coincidentally, Mo Yutian and Huo Yunshen would have to stand next to each other on the stage.

She couldn’t help but feel like something would happen.

Huo Yunshen was also present at the ceremony. He sat among the crowd, and his eyes never left his wife.

When he heard his and Mo Yutian’s names, he turned to stare at Mo Yutian who was sitting in the same row as him.

Mo Yutian also stared back. It was as if they were exchanging gunshots with their stares.

Mo Yutian tidied his suit a little and walked onto the stage.

He was smiling as if he was implying that he would never let go of any chance to stand on the same stage with Jing Xi.

Even though Huo Yunshen never liked being given awards for his charity work, he could not sit still and watch as Mo Yutian got closer to his wife. He quickly got up from his seat and walked onto the stage too.

Huo Yunshen stood in between Xu Xiyan and Mo Yutian, pushing Mo Yutian further away from his wife. He lowered his head and noticed that the strap on Xu Xiyan’s high-heeled sandal was off and kneeled down without any hesitation.

A person of his stature was willing to kneel and help a woman with her shoes.

His action was captured by countless cameras.

Even though it was a pain for the audience to keep seeing them spreading their affections towards each other, they couldn’t help but acknowledge what Huo Yunshen had just done.

Mo Yutian also noticed that Huo Yunshen was helping Xu Xiyan with her sandals and regretted not noticing it first.

Lan Ling’er was also sitting among the crowd as she cursed at the couple.

A woman came out from the back with crystal trophies in her hands, and the awarding began.

After the awards part was over, the host began to interview all of the awarded philanthropists.

The host asked Mo Yutian about his main reason for his charity work, and Mo Yutian replied that it was a way to give back to society.

Yet, no one actually knew that the boss of the Dark Zone was just seeking a way to get some peace of mind.

With the huge amount of restless souls that had died by his hand, he found it hard to sleep at night.

The charity work was a way to reduce his feelings of guilt.

When Huo Yunshen was asked about his reason, he answered, “For my wife.”

“Looks like Mrs. Huo has a huge influence on you,” the host joked.

“Yes, I’m willing to love the whole world for her.”

There was no better way to show one’s affection towards his wife than what Huo Yunshen had just said.

The crowd began to cheer f

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