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Chapter 844 Secretly Kissing Him

The bodyguards chased her madly. Xu Xiyan kept going, dashing towards Ye Xun’s car.

Ye Xun saw a woman running towards his car in the distance and there were also many people behind her chasing after her. She must be Xu Xiyan.

He immediately turned on the engine, starting the car.

When Xu Xiyan reached his car, she leaped directly to the roof of the car. “Second Senior! Drive now!”

Ye Xun slammed on the gas pedal. Vrooom! The car sped off, shaking off the pursuing bodyguards.

When they reached a safe place, Ye Xun stopped the car and let Xu Xiyan climb down from the roof and get into the car.

Wandou had just witnessed a live stunt and she was really impressed. She really wanted to know: Is there anything her lady boss couldn’t do?

Xu Xiyan turned around and said to Xue Yating, “Everything’s alright now, Tingting. They should not be chasing after us anymore. You’re safe.”

“Thank you, Sister Jing Xi.”

Xue Yating was very grateful that Jing Xi had risked herself to save her. She thought about the next step and asked, “I’ve escaped from the hospital now, but where can I go next? My father will definitely order his men to look all over for me.”

“Don’t worry. Sister Xuelin has informed Director An. When he comes back, we will have further discussion.”


“You shouldn’t go back to the Xue family house for the time being, not even Sister Xuelin’s place.” Xu Xiyan pondered about where she should stay. “How about…”

Before she could finish her words, Wandou answered, “How about my place? I live alone anyway, and I have a vacant room.”

“That’s a good idea too. I hope you don’t mind sharing a place with Wandou.”

Xue Yating agreed, and once again thanked everyone for their help.

Ye Xun drove the car and sent Xue Yating and Wandou to their place first, then finally took Xu Xiyan back to Shengshi Yujing.

Back at her apartment, the house was still lit. Xu Xiyan changed her shoes and entered the house. She could hear the sound of the TV coming from the living room.

The cute cartoon show “Peppa Pig” was showing on TV. The man and the child were sitting on the sofa, but they had already fallen asleep.

Huo Yunshen was leaned back on the sofa with Ying Bao nestled in his arms. Both father and daughter must have waited for her too long and had fallen asleep in the end!

Xu Xiyan’s heart was filled with great tenderness as she watched the way her husband and her daughter slept. She leaned over and secretly planted a kiss on Huo Yunshen’s forehead, nose, and sexy lips.

When their lips touched, the man roused from his sleep.

Huo Yunshen had vaguely felt a cool and gentle touch on his lips. After waking up, he saw his wife’s face as she kissed him, her eyes closed in the bliss of it.

It turned out that his little wife was secretly kissing him.

Ha! He wondered whether he should continue to pretend to be asleep?

He felt that the kiss

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