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As they’d bought a lot of stuff, they asked Yi Xiao to take those things back to the car first as they still wanted to shop.

They took a brief coffee break at a café called “Afternoon Sunshine.”

Fang Xiaocheng spotted a spot next to the window and sat down. Xu Xiyan got her a cup a fresh orange juice and cookies while she got herself a latte.

They thought they were able to chat and have a relaxing afternoon, but there was always that one type of person who would like to spoil that.

Another group of people walked into the café with a woman in heels leading them. She wore a red one-piece and a pair of sunglasses.

She noticed Xu Xiyan sitting at the window and walked straight towards them.

Xu Xiyan was discussing the script for “Among the Stars” with Fang Xiaocheng and noticed someone approaching them. Xu Xiyan thought it was a waiter and did not turn towards the person approaching her.

“I want the seat next to the window,” a woman suddenly said.

As soon as she said that, two tall and muscular men walked towards Xu XIyan and Fang Xiaocheng and ordered, “Move away! Our young lady wants to sit here!”

Xu Xiyan and Fang Xiaocheng raised their heads. The woman was a stranger to Fang Xiaocheng, but Xu Xiyan knew who she was.

She was the new female lead for “Beauty of the World,” Lan Ling’er.

Lan Ling’er was as arrogant as she was back at the studio, and Xu Xiyan guessed that it was because she had someone powerful backing her up.

And Xu Xiyan was right.

The reason that Lan Ling’er could join Yunhai Entertainment as soon as she arrived at Zstan and was able to take on the leading role of the drama was because she had a certain powerful individual supporting her.

“Oh, it’s Miss Lan,” Xu Xiyan replied, not giving her seat up. “Why are you trying to take our seats? Aren’t there plenty of other seats here?”

“Your seats? I just booked the whole café, I can sit wherever I want! Piss off!” Lan Ling’er scolded as she hugged her arms.

Ever since Lan Ling’er entered the café, the other guests were all chased away by her guards. The only guests that were left were Xu Xiyan and Fang Xiaocheng.

“Who the heck do you think you are?” Fang Xiaocheng scolded as she stood up. “Do you have nothing else to do? Why should we even give you our seats? Are you insane?”

Yet, before she could continue, the two guards pushed Fang Xiaocheng back to the couch.

“Orange! Are you all right?” Xu Xiyan asked, worried about the baby in her belly.

“I’m fine.”

Fang Xiaocheng touched her belly, trying to protect her baby.

At first, Xu Xiyan planned to end things peacefully, but she could not hold her anger in any longer.

It was the same as when they first met at the studio. Xu Xiyan gave up her dresser because she did not want to cause any troubles to the crew.

But if Lan Ling’er still planned to cause them trouble outside, then Xu Xiyan would take the appropriate countermeasures.

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