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“If you are not here after my shower, I’m gonna pluck all 4 of your claws,” Helian Qingyu threatened and went into the bathroom.

What claws? Li Ruochu scolded in her head. Only you have claws!

Li Ruochu was never a person who would listen to orders. As soon as Helian Qingyu left, she quickly jumped down from the bed, looking for a way to escape.

The moment she opened the door, she was met with Rong Wei’s face, and two other guards beside him.

Li Ruochu closed the door angrily and looked for other ways to escape.

She went to the window and looked down.

The room she was in was on the 16th floor. She wouldn’t mind if she might not make it, but she hated the fact her pretty face would be ruined from the fall.

Option two wasn’t looking good for her either. As she was pondering what to do next, the man came out from the bathroom.

“Li Ruochu! How dare you try to escape again!” Helian Qingyu scolded as he noticed Li Ruochu was next to an open window.

Shocked by his voice, Li Ruochu almost fell out the window.

She turned around and was met with the man’s cold stare.

“Of course I wouldn’t dare to do that. I’m just looking at the stars,” Li Ruochu explained.

The man walked over, looked at the dark sky, and scolded, “What stars? There’s clouds everywhere! Please use your brain next time if you want to find an excuse.”

What a vicious mouth he has! Li Ruochu scolded. Would it kill him to show some respect?

The man closed the curtain and picked Li Ruochu off the window sill and threw her down next to the bathroom.

“You’ve got five minutes to shower,” Helian Qingyu said.

“But I don’t want to…”

“Then I’ll do it for you.”

Li Ruochu bit her own lips and ran into the bathroom faster than a rabbit.

Helian Qingyu could not help but smile when he looked at the girl’s back.

She wasn’t as plain as he thought she was.

After showering, Li Ruochu stayed in the room worried all night. Yet, Helian Qingyu did not do anything to her.

Helian Qingyu hurried back to Estan the next day and took Li Ruochu with him.

Li Ruochu sighed, thinking about her bad luck. She thought that, after finding a job in Zstan, she would be able to get away from him, but she was wrong.

She couldn’t even say goodbye to Jing Xi face to face and could only send her a message.

A message notification woke Xu Xiyan from her dreams, and she tried to poke her head out from the man’s arms to get her phone.

But before she could check the message, the man snatched the phone away and pulled her back.

“What are you doing?” the man asked in his usual sexy voice as his hand grabbed her waist.

“I want to check my message,” Xu Xiyan said. The alarm had already rang once but was turned off by the man, and Xu Xiyan thought that it was time to get up.

She recalled the activities they did the night before.

She couldn’t help but wonder why men would not feel tired from it.

They did it until the

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