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Mu Chenguang was getting bored with the meals provided at the studio and Jing Xi’s lunch box of love was tempting him. When she was not looking, he snuck his chopsticks over to her lunch box to pick at her meal.

Before his chopsticks could touch her food, Jing Xi whacked his chopsticks away with her own.

“Do not touch my lunch box!” Xu Xiyan warned.

“Can’t I have a piece? Boss has made so much food for you. Can you even finish everything yourself?” Mu Chenguang said, looking at her with puppy eyes.

He was right. She could not finish it all!

Huo Yunshen had prepared so much food that Xu Xiyan couldn’t finish everything by herself. She might as well spare some for Wandou and Mu Chenguang.

Wandou felt lucky to taste such delicious food and she thanked Jing Xi.

As for Mu Chenguang, this guy saw the delicious food like a wolf seeing a sheep, and gobbled everything up.

He licked his lips, eager for more. “The food Boss has made is really delicious! Man, I feel like marrying my beautiful Boss!”


Xu Xiyan cuffed him on his head unhesitatingly. Mu Chenguang was stunned after she had struck him. “Why did you hit me?”

Xu Xiyan cracked her knuckles loudly. “Seems you’re so bold to be tempted with my husband, eh?”

Oh f*ck!

Mu Chenguang had almost forgotten how violent this woman could be. He quickly took off, taking his lunch box with him.

After lunch, Xu Xiyan’s stomach was greatly satisfied. She took out her phone and shared the photo she had taken of her lunch box on Weibo.

She did not type anything for the title; she only put an emoticon of a smiling sun as the title.

However, there were still a large number of fans who were choked by her “dog ​​food.” They were commenting on it, saying that they felt like having a taste too.

While she was swiping on her mobile phone, she received a WeChat message notification. Xiao Yuqian had sent her a message, informing her that she was to attend the charity awards ceremony hosted by LK tomorrow night.

Right now, due to Xu Xinrou’s disappearance, LK only had her to endorse their products and they had changed the contract so she would be the sole endorser.

Events like this charity awards ceremony would always be held by LK every year.

This year, the event would be held in Peijing and it would be its first time being held there too.

This large-scale charity awards ceremony was in cooperation with a number of TV stations and media. There would also be political and government officials attending. It was a high-profile event and its influence was extraordinary.

On the night of the charity awards ceremony, Xu Xiyan wore a long turquoise dress provided by LK and walked on the red carpet with her male partner from their commercial shoot.

Many famous stars and big shots attended the awards ceremony. Xu Xiyan noticed that Lan Ling-Er had also come.

She wore a glittering full-length gold dress which swept the ground. She was a

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