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Xu Xiyan loved Wandou like a little sister next door; she didn’t want her to be upset over her affairs.

She gave her some money but Wandou refused. “It’s alright, the drinks are not that expensive. I’ll go buy them now.”

“It’s raining outside. Remember to take an umbrella and do be careful on the road,” Xu Xiyan said.

“I know. I’m going to wear a raincoat.”

Wandou decided to use the production crew’s scooter; it would save more time.

Wandou quickly bought the drinks and rode the scooter back. As she was riding over a pool of water, a flashy sports car suddenly sped past, sending up a large spray of water with its wheels, splashing dirty water all over Wandou’s face and body.

What the f**k! Why drive so fast during a rainy day!? Is he so eager to reincarnate himself?

Wandou was dirty all over. Furious, she chased after the car on her little scooter.

There was an intersection in front and the sports car stopped at the red light. Wandou got off her scooter and ran up to knock on the window of the car.

The window of the driver’s side rolled down and a handsome face appeared, cold and sharp as a knife. But the driver was wearing a huge pair of sunglasses, and Wandou could not recognize who he was.

Wandou asked angrily, “Hey, is that how you drive? You’ve splashed muddy water all over me and yet you didn’t bother to apologize. Do you even have morals?”

After Wandou ranted noisily, the man inside the car did not even look at her, as if her words did not reach his ears. He directly took out a pink banknote from his wallet and handed it over to her.

Wandou was dumbfounded at the sight of the banknotes. What’s the meaning of this?

Does he think that she is a beggar?

At this moment, Wandou just happened to notice the earphones in the man’s ears. No wonder he did not hear her.

She did not take the money, and decided to take off the man’s earphones. Just as her hand reached into the car, the man caught her hand.


Wandou glared incredulously at the man as he took out a signing pen and signed his name on her arm with flourishing strokes.

Damn it, does he think that he is a big star? Signing autographs on whoever he sees?

At the same time that the man pushed her hand away after signing on it, he turned to look at her with an emotionless look on his face.

Wandou saw her own wretched self on his big and reflective sunglasses.

The traffic light turned green. The car window rolled up and the car sped off like the wind, sending up a spray of water again, soaking her skirt.

F*cking son of a—

Wandou stood in the middle of the road. She was about to lose her mind.

God damn it, I’ll curse you! I curse you to break up with your girlfriend today! If you have no girlfriend, I curse you 10,000 years of singlehood!

Wandou returned to the studio, drenched all over. She brought the drinks in and saw her lady boss talking with a man.

That man… She took a closer look. Wa

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