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Chapter 832: Must Not Act Rashly

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Huo Yunshen had come with his men. He had enough men to flatten this villa and also blow it out of existence.

“Lan Ling-Er is Mo Yutian’s sister. We can’t take action now. My grandfather is still in their hands,” Xu Xiyan said anxiously. She didn’t want anything to happen to her grandfather again.

“These sinister people!” Huo Yunshen cursed, despising Mo Yutian’s various underhanded tricks.

If Jing Huaduo was in their hands, he must not act rashly.

After Ye Xun and Yi Xiao came over, Huo Yunshen could only give the command, “Pass the order down, everyone is to retreat!”

Ye Xun was not reconciled. “Boss, they bullied Little Xixi, we can’t just let them get away with it. We have enough men today. We should just raze this place to the ground and wipe them all out!”

Yi Xiao also agreed.

However, Huo Yunshen furrowed his brow deeply and told him, “Immediately contact the Renjing Chinese Medicine Hall and see whether Mr. Jing is in.”

He should at least confirm whether it was true that Jing Huaduo had been taken away by Mo Yutian’s men.

After Ye Xun contacted them, he answered Huo Yunshen. “They said that the old man was taken away by a group of strange men.”

That meant he had fallen into Mo Yutian’s hands. Huo Yunshen immediately ordered, “Jing Xi’s grandfather is in their hands. Before he is rescued, nobody is to act rashly. Pass the order down and call for immediate retreat.”

After giving the order, Ye Xun and Yi Xiao led their men back where they had come from. Xu Xiyan followed Huo Yunshen and they got onto the helicopter.

Mo Yutian stood at the door and watched them leave, undaunted.

Behind, Lan Ling-Er peeked her head out and saw them taking Jing Xi away. Wrinkling her nose in disdain, she despised her inwardly: This time, Jing Xi is lucky. Next time, we shall see who is going to come and save her!

The helicopter turned into a black dot in the sky and disappeared. Mo Yutian turned his gaze away from it and looked at Lan Ling-Er. His eyes were dark as he reprimanded her, “Next time, don’t do such nonsense like this anymore. You should think more about the consequences of your actions!”

Lan Ling-Er felt unhappy after being criticized by her brother. She took his arm and said ingratiatingly to him, “Oh, Brother, you don’t even love me anymore now and you’ve criticized me just because of a woman. But I’m your sister! I won’t allow you to criticize me on behalf of an outsider in the future!”

“I won’t as long as you don’t do anything outrageous!”

“What have I done that is outrageous? All of the things I’ve done are for you, Brother!”

“Sigh, I don’t want you to help me. I only want you to stay out of trouble.”

Mo Yutian was truly at his wit’s end with his sister.

Now that his sister had grown up, he was becoming less and less understanding of her. He always felt that she had become a diff

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