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After the ambulance left, Mo Yutian had his man take the person in charge of the elevator in for questioning.

He was curious about why the person did not repair the elevator and had waited instead.

After being beaten terribly, the person finally confessed that he did it for money.

Yet he had no idea who paid him because he never met them.

Mo Yutian was furious. Who dares to touch Jing Xi under my nose? They’re dead!

Xu Xiyan woke up the second day after being treated in the hospital.

She checked her surroundings and realized that she was alive in a hospital.

She could feel two huge hands holding her small hand tightly.

Xu Xiyan turned her head and saw a man praying next to her with his eyes closed.

It was a man that she almost could not see again.

She almost suffocated in the broken elevator.

Luckily, she was still alive and was still able to meet her husband.


Huo Yunshen opened his eyes and said, “You’re up…”


He placed his huge hand on her head and caressed her hair.

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Xu Xiyan shook her head and began to cry.

She had felt fear when she was trapped in the elevator…it was the fear of dying.

Even though she was not a person that was afraid of dying, she wasn’t ready to die yet…she wasn’t ready to leave her husband and daughter behind.

She cried because she thought she could never see Huo Yunshen or Ying Bao again.

“Everything is fine now…” Huo Yunshen comforted and hugged her. He lowered his head and kissed her tears dry.

He slowly lowered his lips until hers met with his.

Her lips were like a magnet attracting his lips towards her and locking them in place.

The kiss intensified until Huo Yunshen pried her teeth open and entangled his tongue with hers.

It was the only way he could think of calming her down.

The kiss was so intense that Xu Xiyan could feel that she was suffocating from it, but it was different from suffocating in the elevator.

Her heart calmed down from that instead.

As their lips separated, she finally calmed down and her tears stopped.

“Tell me, how were you trapped in the elevator?”

Huo Yunshen wanted to know the whole story so that he could have better progress with the investigation.

Xu Xiyan told him how she went to LK after the shooting ended.

With how Wan Dou suddenly had a bad stomach and how the van broke down, and with the scandal surfacing at that time, it was all too well timed.

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