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Chapter 846: So Handsome That It Was Unbelievable It Was Him

Xu Xiyan deliberately reported a wrong flight and destination. The credulous bodyguards believed her words and rushed off into the airport.

“Come on, let’s go!” Xu Xiyan grabbed Ni Xuelin’s hand, seizing the opportunity to get her out of there.

On the way back, Ni Xuelin was somewhat worried. “If they find out that we’ve deceived them, they will not let us get away with it.”

“Sister Xuelin, you shouldn’t go back to your house for the time being. Just stay by my side and wait until things have settled down.”

Xu Xiyan had prepared long ago. The bodyguards Huo Yunshen had arranged for her could protect them for the time being.


After Ni Xuelin agreed, Xu Xiyan directly drove to the studio, taking Ni Xuelin with her.

Xu Xiyan had to put on makeup and get ready for her shoot, so she let Ni Xuelin stay with Wandou.

Today’s shoot was a scene between Yun Qingge and the second male lead, Wen Zhengting.

The second male lead was being played by Mu Chenguang. Mu Chenguang donned the moon-white robe of an official, jades and precious gems coiling around his waist, his long hair adorned with tassels, looking very noble and dignified. He looked really handsome in his ancient Chinese costume, so much so that it was unbelievable that it was him.

In this drama, Wen Zhengting was the youngest prime minister of the current dynasty. He was a man with thousands of subordinates under him and only the emperor above him; he was a dedicated advisor to the emperor.

Therefore, knowing that Yun Qingge was disturbing the peace of the palace, he proposed to the emperor that he was to not especially favor her alone.

Yun Qingge had always felt that the official Wen Zhengting was a big hindrance to her. Thus, she had asked to meet him privately with the intention of showing him her power, so he would withdraw after learning her capabilities.

But who would know that, while under the cherry-blossom tree, Yun Qingge’s song “Guangling San” had managed to make Wen Zhengting fall in love with her at first sight and become unable to forget her forever.

It was because of this that she and Wen Zhengting had ended up helping each other in secret, his assistance indispensable to Yun Qingge’s subversion of the government.

Although this was Mu Chenguang’s first time acting in a movie, he had his own unique comprehension of acting and he was able to get in character very quickly.

The shooting of the scene of the two characters went very smoothly. After the filming, Xu Xiyan received a phone call from Lu Zeyan. He told her that the movie “Those Beautiful Bygone Days” was successfully wrapped up.

As the owner of Jinxi studio, Xu Xiyan told Lu Zeyan to be in charge of booking a hotel and holding a small celebration banquet at night as a reward for the whole production crew.

After that, Xu Xiyan invited Mu Chenguang, Wandou, and Ni Xuelin to come for din

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