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Wan Dou turned and left without saying a word

Xu Xiyan noticed that Mu Chenguang was still following Wan Dou with his eyes and joked, “Bro, if you don’t change that attitude of yours, you’re never going to get her.”

“Get what?” Mu Chenguang scolded and quickly turned his head back. “Do you think a super awesome and perfectly wonderful dude like me has to hit on girls? They’ll come to me themselves.”

“Fine, have it your way,” Xu Xiyan laughed.

Xiao Ge suddenly came running to them and handed Xu Xiyan a bag.

“Jing Xi, there’s something for you,” Xiao Ge said as he handed the bag to Xu Xiyan. He had been acting as a courier for Huo Yunshen, and he did it gladly because he was always handsomely paid.

“What’s that?”

“It’s from Mr. Huo.”

Xu Xiyan noticed that the bag was a thermal bag and in it were boxes with purple and white roses in them.

Mu Chenguang extended his head to take a peek and roasted, “Boring!”

“It’s not for you. There’s no way a girl would not like this.”

Xu Xiyan picked one of the roses up and smelled its fragrance. She was already used to being surprised by Huo Yunshen from day to day.

She found a card in the middle of the roses. [To Mrs. Huo, enjoy your meal] was written on the card.

Xu Xiyan removed the boxes with the roses and noticed that underneath them was a box of food.

Xu Xiyan opened it and instantly knew that Huo Yunshen was the one who made it.

There were two heart-shaped rice balls with sprinkles of sesame seeds on them. Complementing the rice were two types of meats and three types of greens with a soup on the side.

Xu Xiyan moved the box towards her nose, and she could smell the fragrance from the foods.

Mu Chenguang noticed the lunch box and guessed that Huo Yunshen was the one who had made it.

“This is so boring! Since when does a man still prepare lunch boxes?” Mu Chenguang scolded.

“Oh, shut up! Huo Yunshen did not make this for you, it’s for me!”

Xu Xiyan snapped a picture of the food with her phone and began to eat.

“Oh, yeah! This is really good!” Xu Xiyan complimented.

Mu Chenguang couldn’t help but swallow his own saliva as he looked at Xu Xiyan chomping down on her food. Ever since Huo Yunshen married Xu Xiyan, he stopped making foods for Mu Chenguang, and he hadn’t tasted a bit of his delicacy since then.

Wan Dou came back with two servings of fast foods and noticed the roses and lunch boxes, guessing that her boss had already prepared the food for his wife.

“And I still got you some food too…” Wan Dou pouted.

“Please return the fast food, the lunch box is enough,” Xu Xiyan said apologetically.

“All right.”

Just as Wan Dou was about to leave, Mu Chenguang got up and snatched a serving away from her.

“I’ll take it then!” Mu Chenguang said.

Wan Dou turned back and stared at him like he was a robber instead of an idol.

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