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Xue Zhenrong was furious but could only accept their relationship.

With Xue Zhenrong’s acceptance, An Xianming planned to continue their discussion on their marriage after he returned from his work overseas.

The only thing that An Xianming did not expect was that Xue Zhenrong accepting them was just a feint to stall time.

As soon as An Xianming left, he arranged for his daughter to go to a hospital to get the baby removed.

Xue Yating was locked in the hospital by her father and could only wait for the surgery the next day.

“Jing Xi, what should I do? You’re the only one that can think of something now,” Ni Xuelin begged.

After being helped by Xu Xiyan when she was betrayed by Chu Tian in D City, Xu Xiyan had Ni Xuelin’s full trust.

Xu Xiyan had not contacted Xue Yating for a few weeks and had no idea of the development.

“Does An Xianming know?” Xu Xiyan asked.

“Yes, he booked a flight for tonight, but the earliest he could be back was tomorrow morning.”

“Then we have to make a move now. Let’s go get Tingting out of the hospital right away.”

“With just the three of us? How? There are a lot of people guarding her room,” Ni Xuelin asked, unable to think of a way for the rescue to succeed.

Ni Xuelin had already visited Xue Yating in the hospital. Xue Yating’s room was guarded by a lot of guards; even getting near her was a challenge.

“Let’s go, we should at least try.”

Xu Xiyan planned to scout the hospital first.

Wan Dou noticed the look that Xu Xiyan had and knew that she was sure that her plan would work.

Xu Xiyan left with Wan Dou and Ni Xuelin, heading straight for the car that Huo Yunshen had prepared for her.

Ye Xun was her driver that day.

He noticed Xu Xiyan, opened the door for her and asked, “Little Xixi, where do you want to go today? I’ll drive you.”

Xu Xiyan understood that Ye Xun had been arranged as her driver to protect her.

As they reached the hospital, Ye Xun learned about what the girls were trying to do and said, “A rescue? All right, you all wait here, and I’ll go in and take care of the guards first.”

In truth, Ye Xun wanted to get some exercise, as it had been a long time since he last fought.

But Xu Xiyan did not want to resort to violence in the hospital and stopped him.

“You stay in the car and wait for us. You too, Xuelin, I’ll go in with Wan Dou.”

Xu Xiyan was afraid that the guards would notice Ni Xuelin and ruin their plan.

“Fine, let me know if you run into trouble, I’ll charge straight in,” Ye Xun said, believing in Xu XIyan’s strength and that normal guards would not even be able to stand their ground against her.

After the two left, Ye Xun stayed inside the car with Ni Xuelin. Since they weren’t acquainted with each other, they did not converse.

Yet ever since the first time he met Ni Xuelin, he had a weird feeling that he could not describe.

Especially the way Ni Xuelin bit at her thumb when she lowered

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