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All the netizens, after watching the video and hearing the reporter’s questions and Jing Xi’s words of challenge towards him, became very shocked.

It turned out to be the reporter’s fault. His question had caused a personal attack on Jing Xi and Huo Yunshen.

In order to protect Huo Yunshen, Jing Xi had beaten up the reporter.

One would expect criticisms flooding the comments area, but there were none; everyone was waiting for public relations to explain Jing Xi’s adultery. Now they were commenting on Jing Xi’s behavior and clicking “like” on the video.

[That reporter is literally looking for trouble!]

[Who is he making up little Xixi’s adultery? The love between my little Xixi and my prince charming is stronger than gold, okay!?]

[He deserves it! She is beating him too lightly! If I was her, I would definitely rip him into 18 pieces!]

[How could that bastard insult my prince charming? He’s not worthy of being a reporter!]

[Good job, little Xixi! She even dared to challenge the reporter to protect prince charming!]

[Wow, she is really a crazy husband protector!]

[You are so brave! I’m your fan now!]

It was also from this day that the entertainment circle had given Xu Xiyan another nickname, calling her “Crazy Husband Protector.”

Before Jing Xi was even criticized, the netizens had already torn into that Southern Press reporter with their harsh criticisms. In the comments section, many netizens were calling on the unethical reporter to get lost from the media industry.

When the Jingyue Entertainment press conference officially began, all journalists were invited to enter except for the Southern Press reporter, who was refused entry outside.

A conspicuous sign was erected outside the entrance. It read:

[Southern Press reporters and dogs are not allowed to enter]

Regarding such a badly-behaved journalist like him, not only was he unable to enter the press conference as his punishment, but from now on, in the entire media industry, the whole of Peijing and even Zstan, he could never dream of becoming a reporter or work a similar occupation again.

He had been banned by the whole industry.

The press conference was held on the third floor of Jingyue Tower.

It was a full house in the huge conference room that could accommodate thousands of people.

After Xu Xiyan was seated on the stage, Xiao Yuqian led her public relations team and personally acted as Jing Xi’s spokesperson.

Infographics, timelines, pictures of Qin Linlin and Mei Xiangdao’s faces when they were getting a room at the hotel, as well when they were caught in the act, and information about Jing Xi being trapped in the LK Tower elevator and sent to the hospital—these were all pieces of evidence put out to the audience, putting an end to the rumors.

The astute reporters had figured it out that behind the adultery scandal, it seemed that there was someone manipulating it.

That p

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